What Is the Food Like in Rehab and Why Does It Matter?

Learn the importance of food choices in rehab and what you or your loved one should expect.

The food served in rehab may seem like a secondary priority, but it’s important for many reasons that go well beyond simple preference. The food you eat and the dietary choices you make not only ensure proper health and nutrition; they also bring comfort, joy, stability, and familiarity even during the most stressful times in your life.

When you or your loved one are looking for alcohol and drug rehab options, you deserve to know that there will be food options that meet your dietary, cultural, and comfort needs. Here are just a few of the reason why food in rehab is important and what you can expect.

Why Is the Food Offered in Rehab Important?

Why is food important in everyday life? It provides nourishment, enjoyment, and nutrition, and these benefits are particularly valuable in addiction treatment. Some of the main reasons why food is so important in rehab include:


Few things can provide a “bit of normal” like what’s on the plate in front of you. Rehabs that offer freshly prepared meals and snacks can help the people they treat stay connected to the comforts of home and make them feel valued after living a life of dysfunction.

The right dish or recipe can provide warm and comforting reminders of family or even their favorite restaurant. This little bit of familiarity can have a positive ripple effect throughout the rest of the treatment experience.


It’s common for people who are battling addiction to neglect their nutrition. This could be due to homelessness or financial issues, or just because they’re not thinking about it. The food served in rehab can, and should, have built-in nutritional benefits that can positively influence the rest of the healing process.

Inadequate management of dietary restrictions may not directly compound the side effects of addiction, but it can adversely affect overall health and well-being, potentially impacting the withdrawal process.


It’s important, for many reasons, that your religious, cultural, and lifestyle choices are respected during treatment. This includes being offered food choices that adhere to your values system, whether it’s religious or simply a moral preference.

Ask the rehab facility you’re considering if they offer vegan, vegetarian, and religion-friendly options so you don’t have to stress about maintaining your diet or simply “eat what’s available” to have something in your body.

health Restrictions

Many people have health-related dietary restrictions of which they need to be mindful even when they’re in treatment. These can include gluten or shellfish allergies, lactose/dairy intolerance, and many other issues. It’s important that these needs are recognized and properly managed for your health and safety during treatment.

Failure to properly manage dietary restrictions can compound side effects of addiction and, frankly, make withdrawal even more miserable than it already is. Food in rehab should respect these restrictions to keep you safe and healthy during your residential program.

What Is the Food Like at Recovery Unplugged?

Recovery Unplugged is fully mindful of how important food is in rehab. We offer freshly prepared food and snacks from experienced chefs who cater to all dietary restrictions and preferences. You or your loved one deserve peace of mind and comfort during treatment, including the food choices that are available to you.

Residential treatment lasts for weeks, and you need to be able to maintain a healthy, satisfying, and well-balanced diet while you’re getting the help you need. Contact our representatives today at 800 55-REHAB to learn more about the food and other amenities at our residential treatment centers in Nashville, Austin, and Florida.

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