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Music Is Our Medicine Motivator: The Recovery Unplugged Treatment Process

Addiction takes us all to different places. Some of us need immediate help for withdrawal; some of us need to figure out what role our families or jobs play in our drinking or drug use; some of us need help figuring out how to build a happy, rich and satisfying life in recovery beyond simply not using; some of us need help just getting started and remembering we’re worth saving. Whatever stage of the treatment and recovery journey you or your loved one are in, you need intuitive, compassionate and effective care that treats you like an individual, not a collection of symptoms. Recovery Unplugged offers a comprehensive treatment experience and is ready to help you or your loved one heal. Call our staff now at (855) 384-5794 so we can figure things out together.

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What Kind of Help Do You Need?

Recovery Unplugged strives to provide a full continuum of care at our multiple locations across the country. No matter where you or your loved one are, both geographically and within your addiction struggle, you are never far away from a Recovery Unplugged care program. We offer a fully formed care experience to help you heal.

Medical Detox

Medically supervised detoxification from expert doctors and nurses who can provide safe, comfortable and effective relief of withdrawal symptoms and intervene in the event of a medical emergency. If you have ever tried to overcome withdrawal on your own, or watched your loved one go through it, you know that it can be too much to handle. Let us help you overcome the pain and sickness so you can avoid relapse.

Comprehensive Behavioral Rehab

Get the peace of mind and emotional coping tools you need to build the life you want in recovery. Our therapists provide customized and tailored rehab to help you address the root causes and sustaining factors of your addiction and help empower you to stay clean and be the best version of yourself. Our behavioral rehab, and our entire treatment philosophy, is to help you enjoy life in recovery more than you enjoyed getting high. Rehab includes group therapy, individualized counseling and supplemental therapies.


We understand the role that family and social dynamics play in the addiction and recovery experience, and we work with families every day to help guide their addicted loved ones toward the help they need. Our certified interventionists will come to you anywhere in the country to help you convince your loved one to get help.

Admissions and Intake

Our admissions and intake processes essentially set the tone for the Recovery Unplugged treatment experience and are designed to help you or your loved one feel valued, trusted and listened to, while helping you realize the extent of your problem. Our admissions specialists understand the various clinical and lifestyle issues that get in the way of treatment and are ready to help you navigate the process to get you the help you need now.

Long-Term Recovery

Your recovery journey doesn’t end once you leave treatment. When you come to Recovery Unplugged for help, you become a member of our family for life. We offer a robust alumni community on social media and regularly host events, parties and trips to help you stay connected to your sober community, while making new friends in recovery.

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Your Recovery Soundtrack

Music is incorporated into every aspect of the Recovery Unplugged treatment experience. Clinicians use music in individual sessions to build rapport with the client as well as to help them access the emotional memories attached to the experiences being processed. Clients are given Mp3 players and guided through a “musical prescription”. This entails creating personalized playlists that are targeted at different situations (a happiness playlist for when the client is struggling, a peace playlist for when anxiety creeps up, a recovery motivation playlist to maintain motivation/willingness, etc.).

In group settings, clients engage in group songwriting process, live presentations of creative outlets such as music, poetry, dance, etc. Throughout the treatment process music is constantly playing in common areas. This helps elevate general mood within our community as listening to music generates dopamine and serotonin. We’re ready to help you use music to help you more readily embrace the treatment process. Call us today at (855) 384-5794 to start healing now.


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