Recognizing National Pet Day at Our Pet-Friendly Drug Rehabs

Pet-friendly drug rehabs have become more and more common in treatment as time has passed. Substance abuse and treatment are hard realities that can drain our willpower, but having our animals with us makes things easier. That’s why we wanted to highlight the benefits of pet-friendly rehabs to celebrate National Pet Day.

Much of this stems from new surveys and research that shows the therapeutic value of our relationships with our pets. Addiction and substance use can break down even our strongest and oldest personal relationships. However, our pets’ love remains unconditional, even in the worst circumstances.

Our pets very often rescue us as we work hard to improve the quality of our lives. This type of absolute love, support and acceptance can make all the difference during the difficult process of treatment. That’s why we’ve gone above and beyond to make sure that all of our facilities are pet-friendly and inclusive.

The Benefits of Pet-Friendly Drug Rehabs

Pets provide a much-needed sense of love, companionship and support. These factors are critical to the treatment and recovery experiences.

Pet-friendly drug rehab has gained more and more traction, and with sound scientific reason. The National Institute of Health reports that interacting with animals decreases cortisol levels and lowers blood pressure. That means that every time you pet your dog or cat, you’re lowering the levels of stress-related hormones in your system.

The agency also reports that animals can reduce loneliness, increase feelings of social support, and boost mood. In fact, according to the Human Animal Bond Research Institute (HABRI), 74 percent of pet owners self-reported improvements in their mental health.

Going through the rehab process can be stressful beyond belief for many whose lives used to revolve around drug abuse. Many people in rehab are re-learning how to live and function without using drugs or alcohol as a crutch. For many pet-owners in treatment, having your animal with you during this process makes transitioning into recovery less stressful.

Creature Comforts

Pets also provide a sense of normalcy during the difficult transition into rehab. Although you’re taking steps to improve your life, nearly everyone entering rehab feels anxious, vulnerable, and nervous about their future. Being able to have your pet with you can put you at ease during this period of uncertainty.

Having your animal by your side throughout all of this provides a welcome sense of comfort during this transition. Many people going into detox and rehab are uprooting part of their lives to get the help they need. For some, this might involve moving somewhere new, which can be both exciting and terrifying during this vulnerable time in their lives.

According to HABRI, 95 percent of pet owners can’t imagine giving up their animals for any reason, and we feel the same. Because of how emotionally attuned most animals are with their owners, keeping your companion by your side can provide limitless comfort.

You Don’t Have to Choose

The reality is that someone in denial about their addiction or nervous about rehab will find any excuse to keep from going. When there’s no one to care for their pets, they’ll often use that as another excuse.

If you’ve been using your pet to justify not going to treatment, think about the impact it’s having on your lifestyle and your animal. If you’re making these excuses, the truth is that every day you keep using, you become a worse pet parent.

Our pet-friendly drug rehab takes the difficulty of this choice away and makes it easier for you to enter treatment. If you’re bringing your pet with you into treatment, you’ll be taking steps to improve not only your life, but theirs too.

A Sense of Purpose

Going to a pet-friendly drug rehab can also help you develop and maintain responsibility during the process of re-learning. Part of our substance abuse rehab is teaching clients how to live independently with pride and purpose. Looking after and being responsible for your pet’s diet, grooming, and exercise every day is a perfect way to do this.

A study conducted by researchers at Brown University revealed that a sense of purpose can positively impact treatment outcomes. If you’re struggling with any kind of substance abuse, having your pet nearby can motivate you during the treatment process.

It’s important to remember that even though your pet might only be there for part of your life, you’re there for their entire life. Taking care of your pet during this transitional period will not only give you purpose, but give them a better quality of life too.

Recovery Unplugged’s Pet-Friendly Drug Rehab

Recovery Unplugged offers compassionate and effective pet-friendly drug rehab at all of our facilities. In fact, our clients are encouraged to bring their animal companions to treatment with them.

Having your pet by your side as you do the critical work of overcoming alcohol and drug addiction could be what you’ve been missing all along. Contact us and reach out to our admissions teams today to learn more about bringing your pet to treatment.


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