National Women’s Health Week: Examining the Unique Health Challenges Faced by Women Both In and Out of Recovery

As National Women’s Health Week 2020 comes to a close, we are left with glaring indicators that the event and the awareness toward women’s health needs to continue throughout the year. The reality is that the unique sex-specific challenges, social stigmas, and disparities in care access that women face as they endeavor to achieve balanced wellness persist well beyond one week.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that 15.2 percent of women in America can be classified as being in “fair” or “poor” health in 2022. Reasons for this figure vary and include widespread alcohol consumption, obesity, chronic illness, and other conditions, combined with a marked lack of access to insurance.

National Women’s Health Week and Recovery: What’s the Connection?

The National Institute of Mental Health reports that the percentage of women being treated for mental illness is almost 50% higher than the percentage of men. Earlier this week, Recovery Unplugged’s Vicki Quintero shared some insights about properly prioritizing mental health during National Women’s Health Week. Today, our very own Jordan is here with her own perspective on the unique health challenges women face, both in the recovery community and in general.

Data from the National Institute on Drug Abuse indicates that 19.5 million females (or 15.4 percent) ages 18 or older have used illicit drugs in 2020, while the CDC reports that around 13 percent of adult women have engaged in binge drinking. Heightened focus on the biological, social, and systemic causes of these issues is just as important as exploring more effective means of treatment. As we prepare to close the books on National Women’s Health Week 2020, Recovery Unplugged wants women everywhere to know that we’re committed to treating their complex addiction and behavioral health needs all year. Call us today if you or someone you care about needs help.

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