Marijuana Withdrawal

Marijuana withdrawal is a very real condition that has physical and psychological implications. Let Recovery Unplugged help you overcome these symptoms.

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Symptoms of Marijuana withdrawal and abuse

Marijuana may not be as deadly or immediately threatening to users as drugs like cocaine or heroin, but it still yields a variety of withdrawal symptoms that could have a dramatic impact on physical and emotional health and overall quality of life. While each person’s marijuana withdrawal period will vary based upon the scope and duration of abuse, some of the more common symptoms include trouble sleeping, irritability, loss of focus, anxiety, headaches, cravings, sweating, chills and depressed feeling. If these symptoms have escalated to the point at which they’ve disrupted your life and have made it hard for you to stop using marijuana, you may need professional help.

Marijuana withdrawal timeline

Marijuana withdrawal symptoms typically start about 24 hours after the last cycle of use. Early stages of withdrawal include difficulty sleeping, anxiety and irritability, anxiety and the inability to focus. These symptoms may last for as long as two days, depending upon the level of abuse that has taken place. As marijuana withdrawal progresses, usually two days after it starts, symptoms get more severe and can include headaches, fluctuations in body temperature, heightened risk of relapse and more. After about five days, withdrawal symptoms will start to taper, this may take longer depending upon each person’s body chemistry.

Treating Marijuana abuse

Withdrawal from any addictive substance is never something users should go through on their own. The process requires experienced and qualified medical assistance to ensure patients’ health and safety throughout this difficult ordeal. Recovery Unplugged has successfully treated numerous patients suffering from marijuana withdrawal. We offer a qualitied and committed roster of medical professionals and a supportive and compassionate environment in which to heal offer medically supervised withdrawal. Our doctors and nurses are trained in the symptomology of marijuana withdrawal and can intervene in the event of a medical emergency.

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