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Your Voice Is Louder than Addiction

Combining traditional elements of treatment like detox and counseling with proven and innovative musical therapy techniques, Recovery Unplugged helps people reclaim their lives from drugs and alcohol.

How Music Assisted Treatment Breaks Down Barriers

Music Is Our Medicine

Recovery Unplugged is the first and only addiction care organization to fully integrate music into our treatment model. When we say that music is our medicine, it means that we use this healing art form to engage clients on both an emotional and physiological level. Utilizing a variety of active and passive music-assisted techniques, we have helped thousands of clients all over the country find their way to lasting recovery. Everyone is able to connect with music on some level, whether they’re making it, performing it, recording it or just getting lost in it while listening to their favorite tracks. Recovery Unplugged leverages this universal sense of wellbeing and fulfillment to help our clients more readily embrace the treatment process.

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Join the I___Sober Movement

The I___Sober Movement celebrates all who have made the choice to do what they love without alcohol or drugs slowing them down or disrupting their lives.

Humans in Recovery

Humans in Recovery

Few, if any, struggles test the human will more than drug or alcohol addiction. Our Humans in Recovery Series tells the stories of those who have successfully overcome addiction.

Recovery Unplugged LGBTQ Addiction Treatment

LGBTQ Addiction Treatment

Providing expert, supportive and compassionate treatment to address the specific substance use care needs of the LGBTQ community.

Pet-Friendly Treatment

Pet-Friendly Treatment

Pets provide a much-needed sense of love, companionship and support. Having your pet by your side could be the motivation you need to get clean for keeps.


The approximate number of Americans who died from drug overdose in 2018.

3 Million

The approximate number of people around the world who die from alcohol each year.


The rate at which Recovery Unplugged clients stay clean versus the national average.


The percentage of clients who report a positive treatment experience at Recovery Unplugged.

Set List: A Full Range of Treatment Options

Alcohol and Drug Detox

Medically supervised withdrawal management from experienced and qualified doctors and nurses.

Addiction Intervention

Guide your addicted loved one toward the care they need and get them into treatment today.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Recovery Unplugged is an established licensed Vivitrol® provider for eligible clients.

Music-Based Drug Rehab

Group therapy, individualized counseling and musical therapies from world-class experts.

Multiple Addiction Treatment Options

Inpatient and outpatient programs available to meet the diverse needs of every client.


Customized plans that provide logistical support in long-term recovery while continuing clients progress.

Richie Supa on The Story of Recovery Unplugged

Start your recovery today

Our representatives are standing by to guide you or your loved one toward treatment and a better tomorrow. You don’t have to surrender your life to addiction. The sooner you reach out to Recovery Unplugged for help, the sooner you can start to reclaim your health and quality of life. Get the help you need now.

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Plan Your Recovery Tour: Locations Nationwide

You or your loved one are never more than a few hours away from treatment at a Recovery Unplugged facility. With multiple locations throughout the country, we are ready to help you quickly start the treatment process so you can begin your recovery. Each one of our facilities offers a safe, comfortable and discreet treatment environment that is conducive to long-term healing.

Face the Music Foundation is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping individuals struggling with addiction without financial means secure treatment. Partnering with multiple organizations within the music industry, Face the Music Foundation uses concerts, festivals and other music-related events to raise funds and awareness toward the disease of addiction while helping uninsured or underinsured individuals pay for care. Face the Music Foundation works every day to offer scholarships and assistance to substance use disorder sufferers who are struggling to get clean. They work with an alliance of providers, treatment centers, individual therapists, and sober-living residences to help those struggling with substance use disorder.

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Push Play on Your Recovery Now

Our admissions representatives are standing by to answer any questions you have and expedite your entry into treatment. Get in touch with us today. Recovery starts now. We understand that clients and their loved ones have concerns when choosing an addiction treatment facility, and we are fully committed to offering peace of mind and assurance.