Drug Withdrawal

Drug withdrawal affects illicit and prescription drug abusers in each stage of abuse. It is one of the first and clearest signs of dependency. Drug withdrawal is manifested through a variety of physical and psychological symptoms which vary according to the scope and duration of their substance abuse. The longer drug abuse persists untreated, the worse and more severe the withdrawal process is likely to be. Drug withdrawal is a medical condition, just like heart disease, high blood pressure or diabetes. It must be treated by an experienced qualified medical professional as part of an overall treatment program.

Cocaine Withdrawal

Cocaine’s longstanding place in popular culture has painted it as something of a less harmful substance. In the wake of the United States opioid epidemic, it has taken a sort of backseat to prescription painkillers and heroin. It’s important to realize; however, that cocaine is, and always has been, deadly and dangerous addiction, which is evidenced by the withdrawal process addicts experience when they’re coming down or forced to go without the drug. Cocaine withdrawal is manifested by a series of physical and psychological symptoms that occur very shortly after an addict has had their last dose. It can range from mild to severe, and is a medical condition just like heart disease or hypertension. Recovery Unplugged offers compassionate and effective cocaine withdrawal treatment.

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Crack Withdrawal

Crack is justifiably regarded as one of the most addictive and devastating drugs in the world. A crystalline, rock-like unrefined form of cocaine, crack’s potency comes primarily from how it’s administered, either through smoking, snorting or injecting. Crack creates finds its way to the bloodstream quicker than powder cocaine, creating a more intense and immediate high. Crack withdrawal is manifested through a series of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that can cause serious long-term health issues. Crack users begin to experience withdrawal after just a very short time because of the potency of the drug. Withdrawal should be treated by an experienced and qualified medical profession who is trained in the symptomology of addiction.

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Marijuana Withdrawal

When compared to other drugs like heroin, cocaine, meth or even prescription painkillers, marijuana may seem like a relatively minor threat; however, the drug can still lead to addiction and it comes with its own set of withdrawal symptoms. Recovery Unplugged offers compassionate, effective and supportive marijuana withdrawal treatment. We have seen first-hand the level of damage this drug has created in the lives of those it’s affected, and we are here to help. Call us today to start the healing process today.

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MDMA Withdrawal

Sometimes called “ecstasy” or “molly”, MDMA is the abbreviation for the psychoactive substance methylenedioxymethamphetamine. It is used primarily as a recreational drug and creates serious and profound changes in the brain’s chemistry when abused. MDMA has become the drug of choice among the party and club culture and many young adults are convinced that it’s a harmless drug that they can to simply enhance their experience. The reality is that this is a dangerous and unpredictable substance that yields a variety of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Recovery Unplugged offers compassionate and effective MDMA withdrawal treatment.

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Meth Withdrawal

There are few drugs that have the comprehensive impact of methamphetamine (meth). Also known as crystal meth, this drug very quickly changes neurobiology to the point at which it turns ordinarily lucid, compassionate and measured people into unrecognizable, singular-minded drug users who will go to unthinkable acts to secure this drug. A drug this powerful comes with extreme and often debilitating withdrawal symptoms. Recovery Unplugged is fully mindful of the stronghold that meth has taken We have successfully helped many Texans overcome meth withdrawal.

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