Ian Jackson

Ian Jackson

Clinical DirectorClinical Director

Ian Jackson, LPC-MHSP, LMHC is the Clinical Programs Director for Recovery Unplugged which is located in Northern Virginia, South Florida, Nashville, New Jersey and Austin TX. Ian is currently based in Nashville, TN. Ian began his journey of helping others in 2007 during his undergraduate internship in Newburgh, NY working with at-risk use in the local area and helping with behavior modification. Ian received a double major in Psychology and Sociology with a minor in criminology from Mount Saint Mary College in 2010. Ian then moved to the Fort Lauderdale area in the same year to complete his Master’s degree in Mental Health counseling from Nova Southeastern University. It was at this time that he knew his passion would be substance use disorders and addiction. Addiction ran in his family which had already built the foundation for this passion. Ian has been working with clients in the field of addiction since 2011. Ian has worked with various populations ranging from severe mental health, sports psychology, trauma, life coaching, addictions, anxiety, depression and personality disorders. He is also currently a guide doing intensive therapy interventions with Onsite Workshops. Ian attributes his skills to a person-centered approach in which building rapport with the client is the upmost importance in the therapeutic relationship. Ian has said, “I can’t expect someone to take my suggestions or advice if they don’t respect me, so I place the most importance on my ability to build a relationship with the client and the family”. He believes in giving back to the community through his work of giving speeches on bullying at local schools as well as his involvement with the Boys and Girls clubs in South Florida. Ian has been working with Recovery Unplugged since November of 2015. Ian’s words, “This is the most amazing and vibrant atmosphere I have ever worked in and had the ability to see clients thrive, it is truly a family here”.

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