If you’re battling drug addiction, you have two choices: get better or get buried. Choose life and call Recovery Unplugged today at 1 (800) 55-REHAB to start healing.

Lasting Independence from Drug Addiction

Dysfunctional and negative thought patterns can both trigger and result from drug abuse. Prolonged and unaddressed use of substances like heroin, prescription opioids, cocaine, methamphetamine, synthetic marijuana and others create serious and potentially permanent changes in the brain’s chemistry that require deep behavioral intervention. Drug rehab is an integral part of drug use disorder treatment and allows participants to address the psychological aspects of their addiction while developing the behavioral tools they need to rebuild their lives and relationships. Recovery Unplugged offers targeted and in-depth drug rehab using traditional practices and cutting-edge music-based therapies. We’re ready to help you replace the negative thoughts that ring in your ears with music.

Building Blocks of Drug Rehab

Drug rehab programs are not unlike songs: they vary widely in specifics, but include a few fundamental building blocks. Effective drug rehab helps clients identify and address the emotional triggers that lead to and sustain drug use. This is generally accomplished through a combination of group therapy, individualized counseling, supplemental therapies and aftercare plans. Aftercare plans are customized to each client’s individual care needs, and include behavioral coping tools to avoid relapse and referral to addiction-trained therapists and support groups to help clients maintain recovery. Drug rehab should be administered alongside medical detox to create a comprehensive treatment experience.

Drug Rehab at Recovery Unplugged

If you or your loved one are coming to us in need of drug rehab, chances are you’ve experienced profound chaos, dysfunction and pain in your life that brought you to our doorstep. Perhaps you’re estranged from your family, perhaps you’re on your third strike with the law, perhaps you’re finding yourself jobless and scared at a time in your life when you’re supposed to be thinking about retirement. Wherever drug addiction has taken you, the recovery process starts with getting your head right in rehab. Our rehab program is designed to help you regain your peace of mind, dignity and mental health so you can live drug-free. Clients learn to integrate music into their long-term recovery and everyday lives. Rehab helps clients mend their relationships with their families, get their careers back on track, cultivate a support system and thrive in their sobriety. Recovery Unplugged offers continued outreach to our alumni as well as social media channels to help our clients receive and offer support and advice to one another as they continue on their recovery journey.

The Role of Music in Drug Rehab

Drug rehab at Recovery Unplugged relies heavily on the integration of music-based therapies like composition and songwriting, production, performance, listening and analysis and more. Connecting with music on an active or passive level helps clients unlock dormant emotions and open up about the root causes of their addiction. Through our music-based therapies as well as events like our open-mic and Feel-Good Friday meetings, clients experience unfiltered emotional release. Recovery Unplugged offers multiple drug rehab program models, including inpatient, outpatient and partial hospitalization, to accommodate each client’s unique care needs and lifestyle. Recovery Unplugged is committed to helping you or the person you care about use music to change your perceptions, attitudes and perspective for the better, so you can live the life you deserve in lasting sobriety and peace of mind. Call our admissions representatives today at 1 (800) 55-REHAB to learn more about our music-based drug rehab program and to start the healing process.

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