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Compassionate and Effective Music-Based Rehab

Drug addiction is a complex medical disease that requires treatment on all fronts. The very nature of this disease is that it turns otherwise bright, vibrant and loving people toward a single-minded pursuit of their next fix. As a result, abusers wind up doing things they would never normally do without the influence of drugs, and often wind up losing everything as a result. Drug rehab is the process by which patients manage the behavioral aspects of their drug addiction. It is a multilateral treatment resource that helps patients address the root causes of addiction and develop behavioral strategies to prevent relapse. Recovery Unplugged provides customized, music-based Florida drug rehab to adult men and women in need of help.

Customized Care for Every Patient

Each drug rehab patient is as different as the conditions that drive them to seek help. This is why we tailor each patient’s rehab program to meet their care needs. While all of our programs incorporate music as a means of helping patients heal, other more traditional elements of our drug rehab programs include:

  • Group Therapy
  • One-on-One Counseling
  • Holistic Therapies (Yoga, Fitness, etc.)
  • Aftercare and Patient Outreach

We strive to provide our patients with an innovative, well-rounded recovery experience, so they can heal as individuals, not as a collection of symptoms.


Don’t become another statistic. Recovery Unplugged is ready to provide you or your loved one with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction treatment. Call Now (855) 784-3577 to take your life back.

Goal of Drug Rehab

Our Florida drug rehab programs help patients unlock dormant emotions and break down psychological barriers to allow for growth, self-awareness and healing. In addition to group and individualized counseling, patients learn the basics of songwriting and lyric writing to access their true voices and effectively deal the with the circumstances that have led to their drug abuse. We have designed our rehab processes to help patients address the psychological fallout from their substance abuse. This includes identifying any trauma or co-occurring disorders that might get in the way of progress. The long-term effects of drug abuse can create serious changes in perception, behavior and brain chemistry, the rehab process is mean to help patients take the first step toward balanced mental health.

After patients complete inpatient or outpatient rehab at our Fort Lauderdale facility, they will be given a comprehensive aftercare plan that has vital information and resources that they’re encouraged to utilize as they move the rest of the recovery process; these include contact information for addiction-trained therapists in their area and the locations of meetings in their area. Recovery Unplugged offers a variety of drug rehab options, including inpatient, outpatient and IOP and partial care. Call our Admissions staff today at (855) 784-3577 to learn more about your options.

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