Lunesta Withdrawal

When Lunesta withdrawal becomes the cause of your sleepless nights, Recovery Unplugged will offer medically supervised detox and Lunesta withdrawal treatment from trained doctors and nurses.

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Lunesta withdrawal symptoms

Lunesta withdrawal yields a variety of physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms. Each user’s withdrawal period will vary based on the scope and severity of their abuse; however, there are some universal effects that users can expect to experience. Some of the more common Lunesta withdrawal symptoms include, but are not limited to insomnia, fatigue, muscle spasms, depression, anxiety, stomach cramping, flu-like symptoms, hallucinations and much more. If you or someone you care about is experiencing these or any other symptoms related to your Lunesta use, contact your prescribing physician today or seek treatment. The longer abuse persists, the worse withdrawal is likely to be.

Timeline of Lunesta Withdrawal

The withdrawal timelines for Lunesta generally mirrors those of other sleeping pills. Symptoms can generally manifest in as little as few hours after the last cycle of use. Acute withdrawal represents the worst of the symptoms and usually occurs one to two days after symptoms begin. As withdrawal symptoms taper off into the protracted stage, they can last for month and still have a serious impact on users’ health and quality of life. Users may require ongoing care from their doctors. Symptoms can be relieved through a variety of holistic practices and, in some cases, maintenance medication. Talk to your doctor about possibilities. Don’t try to tackle Lunesta withdrawal on your own.

Lunesta withdrawal treatment

Lunesta creates serious and changes in brain chemistry if abused long enough, and withdrawal requires expert, medically supervised detox and symptom management. Recovery Unplugged offers medical personnel to administer Lunesta withdrawal treatment and help patients overcome their symptoms and intervene in the event of a medical emergency. The important thing to remember is that addiction requires professional management and that you can’t, nor should you, do this on your own. Patients who endeavor to withdrawal from Lunesta on their own run a heightened risk of relapse and further abuse. We offer Lunesta rehab and detox to patients who need it.

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