Morphine Withdrawal

Morphine is supposed to help relieve pain, not cause it. Call Recovery Unplugged today for quality medically supervised management of your morphine withdrawal.

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Morphine withdrawal symptoms

Each user’s morphine withdrawal symptoms will vary based upon the scope and severity of their position. Morphine abuse tends to present itself relatively quickly through a variety of physical and emotional signs and symptoms. Some of the more common symptoms include, but are not limited to low blood pressure, confusion, dizziness, itchy skin, extreme drowsiness, dilated pupils, respiratory issues, loss of consciousness, poor circulation, gastrointestinal distress, nausea and vomiting, bizarre changes in mood and disposition. It’s common for morphine abusers to take the drug in combination with another illicit substance, including alcohol or other prescription medications. It’s critical that morphine users consult their physicians before starting or changing their morphine regimen or taking the drug with any other.

Morphine withdrawal timeline

There’s little dispute that morphine withdrawal is a painful and uncomfortable ordeal. Like other types of opioid withdrawal, morphine withdrawal is generally spread over three stages: early, acute and protracted. The early stages of withdrawal can often occur in as little as four to six hours after the last use and generally persist for one to two days. The acute stage of withdrawal is when patients tend to experience the most discomfort and the highest level of sickness. Symptoms become more severe and patients often wind up experiencing severe discomfort. After about two days of acute symptoms, depending upon each patient’s prior use, symptoms will start to taper off. Although symptoms are less severe, protracted morphine withdrawal can last for months and should be managed by a physician.

Morphine withdrawal treatment

Morphine withdrawal is a legitimate medical condition that requires specialized care from an experienced and qualified medical professional. It is not different than heart disease, high blood pressure, chronic pain, diabetes or any other type of long-term medical issue. Recovery Unplugged Texas is one of the few morphine withdrawal treatment facilities in Austin that offers medically supervised withdrawal from a trained staff of doctors and nurses. Our team will help you or your loved one safely and comfortably expel morphine-related toxins from your body, while doing everything we can to make the withdrawal easier. Morphine withdrawal requires professional help. Trying to detox on one’s own increases the risk of relapse and subsequent withdrawal.

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