Damian Ramirez - Humans in Recovery

Clean Date: April 9th, 2018

From: New Mexico

Damian Ramirez's Humans in recovery story

The journey into addiction started with I guess isolation growing up. I was definitely made fun of when I was younger, so I never felt a part of anything. My rock bottom was just finally feeling fed up with the way that I was living, the way that my life had turned out because of me trying to numb the pain. Now I have the freedom to have choice today. All the things that I’m able to do, the new possibilities and the new opportunities that recovery has given me to travel, to be able to have responsibilities and to basically just have a new life. To the families, I would say just try to be supportive even though it gets hard and sometimes they’re confused and they’re upset, just try to be loving and understanding. There’s help out there, give yourself the chance. It is possible to find a new way to live and to stop using, even though it seems impossible.