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Christian support groups are an embedded sober community that can provide emotional support during the tough days of recovery and spiritual support when you feel like giving up.

Key Points:

  •  Christian rehab and support groups use a common faith to bolster traditional rehab efforts and enhance personal development.
  •  There are many examples of national Christian support groups, including Life Recovery Groups, Celebrate Recovery, Prodigals International, Re:Generation, and Recovery Church Movement.
  •  Recovery Unplugged offers faith-based treatment in several regions that incorporate engaging with Christian music.
  •  We also have an index of many local Christian support groups that can assist you in your addiction recovery journey.

If you don’t have a church connection in your area, we have good news! There are several Christian support groups nearby to offer faith-based support as you pursue lasting recovery from your addiction.

What is a Christian Addiction Support Group Like?

Christian support groups are gatherings of faithful Christians who are integrating their faith into their treatment plan for pursuing lasting addiction recovery.

You don’t need to have a strong track record of attending church or even be a Christian to attend. However, these groups do share governing concepts such as:[1]

  1. Addiction stems from attempts to fill a spiritual void through substance use.
  2. Recovery can only be achieved with salvation and a long-term relationship with God.

Belonging to a Christian addiction support group does not come with temporal stipulations or church membership requirements. You can attend as frequently or infrequently as you need, but as you get to know the people, you’ll probably want to come to maintain the relationships.

National Christian Support Groups

Life Recovery Groups

This is a comprehensive directory geared at helping you find the kind of Christian recovery group that works best for you. Whether you’re looking for something more traditional, like formal AA-style meetings, or if you’re looking for something more informal, you can find it here.

There is a great variety of Christian groups on this list. As such, the inclusion of any group in this directory does not signify tacit endorsement by Life Recovery Groups. You must do your due diligence to select an appropriate group for you.

Use the group locator today to find the right group for you.

Celebrate Recovery

The “Celebrate Recovery” program was formed in 1991 at Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California. Over the last thirty years, the program has been hosted by over 37,000 churches worldwide.

It’s a 12-step addiction recovery program that has changed millions of lives. You can find a group in every major American city and every state.

Hosting churches send volunteers to get trained in Celebrate Recovery’s material and then implement those changes once they return. Use the city/state locator on Celebrate Recovery’s website to find a hosting church near you.

Prodigals International (Women-only and Men-only Groups)

Formed in 2000, “Prodigals International” is one of the few non-profit Christian 12-step programs specifically for sexual brokenness. It’s served over 8000 men and women.

Some women or men struggling with sex addiction may only feel comfortable talking about their addictions with people of the same gender. “Prodigals International” acknowledges the validity of this discomfort with gender-exclusive groups.

There are currently 17 active groups with over 450 attendees. To find out whether or not you have a sex addiction, you can take a free screening test and then use the men’s or women’s support locator.


Existing in over 140 locations in nearly 30 states, Re:Generation is a program designed to help people find freedom from addiction, past hurts, and/or destructive patterns.

Hosting churches will send volunteers to receive extensive training in Re:Generation’s material, and then they will create the necessary structures and systems once they return home. Use the group locator on their website to find a group near you.

Recovery Church Movement

This organization is halfway between a 12-step program and a traditional church. It targets people early in their recovery journey who want to establish or reestablish their relationship with God in a community of fellow believers recovering from their addictions.

Since it is a “church,” it does have common theological doctrines that members must respect. However, the mission of the church is to help people live out their recovery journey. It also has an open-door policy for people who are new to attending church.

To find a church near you, you can use their website’s location finder.

Need Help Finding a Christian Support Group?

If you need help connecting with local Christian support groups near Fort Lauderdale, Austin, Nashville, or Northern Virginia, you can call Recovery Unplugged today. Our faith-based and music-forward treatment programs offer a refreshing take on the recovery journey.

We also have an index of many local Christian support groups that can assist you in your addiction recovery journey and provide healing in a spiritual community. If you are looking for virtual, faith-based therapy conducted by compassionate, credentialed therapists, Recovery Unplugged stands ready to assist you.

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Local Christian Support Groups and Faith-Based Therapy

If you live in the US cities of Austin, Fort Lauderdale, Nashville, and Virginia, here are a few ways to find Christian rehab centers:

Faith-Based Recovery

If you are serious about integrating faith into your recovery journey, consider our faith-based therapy program at Recovery Unplugged.

We offer licensed therapists who can assist you in a 6 to 10-week treatment course that provides structure, accountability, and empowerment to help you draw your recovery strength from God.

Sessions could include Scripture recitation, prayer, group exercises, individual exercises, and engagement with spiritual music. We want to connect the principles, stories, and characters of the Bible to your lived experiences for extra encouragement during demanding stretches of your recovery.

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