Librium Withdrawal

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The Librium withdrawal cycle

As is the case with other types of benzodiazepines, Librium withdrawal can manifest as quickly as 24 hours after the last dose, depending upon the person’s consumption habits. The longer and more frequently a person has been abusing Librium. Some of the more common types of Librium withdrawal symptoms include headaches, blurred vision, hallucinations, disruption in sleep patterns, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, slowed breathing, depression, anxiety and more. Librium withdrawal can last for weeks. The drug is particularly dangerous when mixed with alcohol. If you or someone you care about is experiencing these or other symptoms related to Librium abuse, seek professional help immediately.

Mixing alcohol with Librium

Mixing alcohol with benzos like Librium is extremely dangerous and can cause the user to stop breathing. A significant portion of the benzo overdoses in the United States every year involve alcohol. Recovery Unplugged treats many patients who are suffering from simultaneous Librium and alcohol addiction. Alcohol can increase the nervous system side effects of Librium such as dizziness, drowsiness, and difficulty concentrating. Some people may also experience impairment in thinking and judgment. You should avoid or limit the use of alcohol while being treated with Librium. Benzo and alcohol overdose is an extremely time-sensitive issue that requires immediate medical attention. Librium is actually used to treat alcohol withdrawal.

Treating Librium withdrawal

Many Librium users make the mistake of thinking that because Librium is a legally regulated drug, it is less addictive or dangerous and they don’t need professional help for withdrawal. By the time Librium use has escalated to the point at which users are experiencing real withdrawal symptoms, they are likely no longer in control of their consumption. Professional Librium withdrawal management means that patients have experienced and qualified medical personnel to alleviate symptoms and step in in the event of a medical emergency. Long-term Librium withdrawal can last for month’s depending upon the scope and duration of abuse.

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