Your Recovery Playlist: What Songs Sing “Recovery” to You?

There are multiple ways to integrate music into addiction recovery, as we’ve previously discussed. One of the easiest and most common ways is to curate a recovery playlist that really speaks to your struggles, triumphs and life experiences. Your recovery playlist can also be a therapeutic tool in your everyday life and serve as a sort of soundtrack for your addiction and subsequent sobriety: at times tragic, at times hopeful, at times chaotic, at times simple and more. Music has a direct line to our emotions and the songs we put in our ears every day can have tremendous power to guide our moods and actions.

As National Recovery Month rolls on, and we continue to celebrate the daily and long-term triumphs of our loved ones and neighbors who have overcome drug and alcohol addiction, Recovery Unplugged wants to know what’s on your recovery playlist. What songs speak to you on your recovery journey or help you deal with your loved one’s addiction. Are you pumped by blistering and aggressive hardcore; soothed and relaxed by jazz or R and B, challenged and inspired by powerful lyrics and melodies or all of the above? Are you someone who thrives in addiction-related musical subject matter or do you prefer to avoid it altogether in the media you consume? The possibilities for incorporating music into our everyday recovery are endless.

The music we listen to each day directly impacts our disposition, actions, energy levels and even physical things like blood pressure and hormone levels. Successful daily management of these factors is especially critical for those who are in recovery for drug and alcohol addiction. The recovery process requires us to fill our days with positive, healthy and life-affirming things. Daily connection with music fosters positive emotional release while also serving as an escape from the pressures we feel both in recovery and in everyday life. With that being said, what are YOU listening to today?