Your Guide to A Happy, Safe and Sober Saint Patrick’s Day

Although Saint Patrick’s Day is holiday which celebrates Irish culture and spirituality, it has become an occasion that transcends cultural parameters, particularly here in the United States. For those in the recovery community, however, it can also be one of those days the reality of recover must be reinforced and they’re put face-to-face with the reality that world drinks even though they don’t. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, during the St. Patrick’s Day weekend in 2013, more than a third (40%) of all crash fatalities involved drunk drivers. In 2013, there were 31 people killed in drunk-driving crashes on St. Patrick’s Day.

How, then, do we insulate ourselves from prospect of relapse during one of the heaviest drinking days of the year? The truth is that only we can assess our readiness to be around alcohol during our recovery, but there are some stop-gap mechanisms to put a little more distance between us and a mistake that could derail our recovery. Be sure keep your sponsor on speed-dial, or at least someone close to you who understands your vulnerability to alcohol, and is in a position to help you. If you have to leave a party early and can’t access a ride home from someone you care about, there are a variety of car services at your disposal these days.

It may very well be that you’ll have to sit this St. Patrick’s Day out and just declare the best intentions for next year. Anyone who understands what you’re going through will undoubtedly want you to put your recovery first before one night of fun. The most important thing is keep your recovery intact. Recovery Unplugged wishes all of our alumni and their families a safe, happy and sober Saint Patrick’s Day. May nothing but happiness come through your door.