Wynonna Judd’s Daughter Gets Eight Years for Meth Abuse-Related Probation Violation

If the addictive power of meth abuse was ever in dispute, doubters need only look at the tragic case of Grace Pauline Kelley. The 22-year-old and daughter of country-music superstar Wynonna Judd was recently give eight years in prison for violating her probation. Kelley was sentenced to probation on May 26 of last year for delivering, selling and possession of meth. Her probation was revoked on February 8, 2018 and she entered the Tennessee Department of Correction custody on Feb. 28, 2018. Her plea deal involved a suspended sentence which she could serve on probation after 30 days in jail and 180 days at an in-patient rehab facility.

Kelley left her court-ordered treatment program early and will be eligible for parole in 2019. Kelley is the latest member of the Judd family to encounter issues with addiction and mental illness. Her mother, Wynonna spent time in rehab and her aunt, acclaimed actress Ashley Judd received treatment a few years back for non-addiction-related mental health issues. The family, as a whole, as faced considerable adversity during their years in the spotlight and even before their talents thrust them into fame. Unfortunately, as has been proven time and again, addiction doesn’t care how famous a person is, and at times, can thrive on it.

Kelley’s unfortunate story is another indicator of the power of meth abuse and the hold it has over victims. In the wake of the recent opioid addiction crisis, less attention has been paid to established drug threats like cocaine, methamphetamine and synthetic marijuana. In the meantime, meth abuse is up in many parts of the country. Like Kelley, meth abuse victims are driven to high-risk behavior by the addictive properties of the drug and physiological changes it creates in the brain’s chemistry. The longer abuse goes untreated, the more serious these changes are.  If you or someone you care about is facing meth addiction, get treatment immediately.