Why this holiday season is the perfect time to go to addiction treatment.

Why This Holiday Season Is the Perfect Time to Go to Addiction Treatment

We’ve been hearing a lot of doom and gloom about how COVID-19 will impact the 2020 Holiday Season, and for good reason. Millions of people will be without the people they love and the ones with whom they’re used to creating lasting holiday memories. For those who are struggling with addiction during the holidays, however, this socially distanced year can actually be an opportunity to take the time they need to get help and enter long-term recovery. If you or your loved one are in need of addiction treatment, here’s why right now is the perfect time to get it.

You’re Not Missing Anything

If you’re like many people who are in need of addiction treatment over the holidays, you may not want to go because you feel like you’re missing out on celebrating with your family, friends and loved ones. This year, it’s more likely than ever that your entire family will be apart, so it’s not like you’re missing anything. Take the time you need in treatment this year so you can be there next year to celebrate when everybody in your family reunites in person. Give yourself something to look forward to without missing out on the here and now.

You’re Giving Your Family Something to Root For

Whether you realize it or not, your family and loved ones are struggling right beside you as they watch you plunge deeper and deeper into substance use. As they try to stay positive, hopeful and optimistic this holiday season, even in the face of COVID restrictions, your treatment and recovery are something they can all rally behind even though they have to be apart. They’re all rooting for your success and want to see you get well. Give them the gift of your treatment and recovery in a year when they need it more than ever. They want you to get better so they can see you at your best when the pandemic is finally over.

You Can Take the Time You Need to Heal

There’s no time more ideal than the holidays to take time off of work or school to get help. With so many of your co-workers or classmates on break, going to addiction treatment during the holidays can save you from missing out on important obligations. This is true whether you enter an outpatient, inpatient or residential program. If you’re worried about what people will say or think if you’re gone for a long period of time with no explanation, you can be as discreet as you’d like about your treatment experience and tell them that you just took some extended time off for the holidays. It’s your choice how much of your addiction and treatment experience you share with people; but getting treatment at a time when your absence is less noticeable can help you avoid uncomfortable questions.

You Deserve to Be Happy and Healthy Again

You deserve your own holiday miracle, and this is not going to happen until you break free from alcohol or drug addiction. It’s impossible to live a happy and stable life if your every waking thought revolves around how you’re going to use or keep your addiction from the people you love. For many, the holidays represent a simpler and happier time in life when they could be surrounded by the people they love. These experiences could be yours again if you take the time to get addiction treatment during the holidays this year. You don’t have to spend another second fighting your addiction alone. Treatment can give you the medical and behavioral support you need to begin and sustain long-term recovery.

You Can Get Help in A Clean and Comfortable Place

It’s natural for you or your loved one to be concerned about getting treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic, especially during a period when it seems to be at its peak. Make sure you get help from an organization that is strictly adhering to all pandemic protocols and CDC guidelines. Recovery Unplugged places the highest premium on our clients’ safety and is going above and beyond to make sure our clients and staff are safe and protected during the pandemic. We have adopted stricter screening rules, social distancing protocols, cleaning practices so you or your loved one are free to focus on healing in a safe and healthy environment. Don’t let another year go by without getting the help you need. Turn this unorthodox holiday season to your advantage by getting yourself into treatment. We are open and ready to help you get better.