Addiction Prevention and Treatment Following 2020 Election

What’s Next?: The Future of Addiction Prevention and Treatment Following the 2020 Election?

While the country, and the world, awaits the outcome of an election that will be decided along razor-thin margins, it’s finally nearing time to get past the process and focus on the Day 1 substance of the incoming administration. Addiction prevention and treatment is a subject that affects the lives of not only the 19-plus million Americans who currently struggle with substance use disorder, but also the countless loved ones and friends who suffer right alongside them.

Between unrelenting death rates from prescription and illicit opioids, tens of thousands of fatalities per year from alcohol abuse and a variety of other factors, addiction and substance use disorder have become one of the leading public health threats in the nation. It’s imperative that our leaders, whoever they are, address the problem immediately to start stemming the tide of fatal overdose.

Common Addition Prevention and Treatment Issues

  • Incarceration and Sentencing – Federal and state prisons remain overcrowded with low to moderate-level drug offenders, while only a fraction of those who need treatment receive it.
  • Treatment Access for Minority Populations – The National Institute on Drug Abuse reports marked gender and ethnicity-related disparities in treatment access. For example, one study published in JAMA Pediatrics in 2017 found that non-Hispanic black and Hispanic youth were less likely to receive treatment with buprenorphine or naltrexone than were non-Hispanic white youth.
  • Treatment Funding – While addiction prevention and treatment funding has increased significantly over the past few years, there remains a glaring need for resources relative to the scope of the problem. These resources should include federal education initiatives, the development of more treatment centers and increased coverage through existing medical insurance policies.

Treatment and prevention must be funded on a macro and micro level to ensure adequate resources for communities all over the country.

You Don’t Have to Become A Statistic

Although the future of addiction prevention and treatment in the United States continues to be in flux, you can protect yourself or the person you care about who is struggling by calling Recovery Unplugged. We offer compassionate and intuitive treatment for minority communities, including the LGBTQ population, as well as court liaison services and an employee-assistance program. If you or your loved one are currently in need of addiction treatment or prevention services, contact us today to start your treatment and the beginning of your long-term recovery from substance use disorder.