What Type of Addiction Treatment Program is Right for Me?

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What Type of Addiction Treatment Program is Right for Me?

It’s a question every person entering treatment for addiction must ask themselves: What type of addiction treatment program would be the right fit for me? The answer to this question is contingent upon a variety of factors and should be considered closely before making a decision. The wrong facility or program can very quickly discourage a patient from the validity of the overall treatment process and send them spiraling into relapse. In an effort to get the most out of our treatment experience, it’s important that we get help from a program that is able to cater to our care needs and lifestyle.

There are many different kinds of treatment programs from which patient can choose when they finally make the decision to get treatment. Before we choose which program we will enter, we need to consider our care needs, lifestyle, family obligations, careers and more. It’s true that our treatment and recovery are the most important things, we need to make sure that the addiction treatment program we choose is realistic and will benefit us in the long-term. Inpatient treatment allows us to stay in a residential facility for a minimum of 28 days and do the necessary work toward recovery. This type of treatment is primarily reserved for those with a repeated history of treatment attempts or those who need to remove themselves from their everyday lives to escape substance abuse.

Patients entering treatment for the first time often choose an outpatient treatment program because it allows them to get the help they need while maintaining their careers and their relationships with their families. Outpatient treatment incorporates treatment session over set number of days per week and completion is determined upon patients’ progress. There are also intensive outpatient (IOP) treatment programs that combine the in-depth care many patients need with the flexibility of an outpatient option. Partial hospitalization addiction treatment programs (PHP) are abbreviated inpatient programs that allow patients customized and targeted treatment in a residential setting for a limited amount of time. Each patient’s program will vary according to the cope and severity of their substance abuse.

Oftentimes, our insurance coverage will determine the kind of program in which we wind up. Many providers opt for outpatient care as a first option. Sometimes, however, inpatient rehab is the best option for those of us who need a more in-depth level of care. The most important is that we get treatment, no matter what type of program we choose.

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