What Love Songs Will You Be Listening to This Valentine’s Day?

Heart with Headphones

Thursday marks another Valentine’s Day for the history books. For half the population, this means showing love for that special someone by contributing to the $20 billion that Americans are expected to spend on cards, chocolates, candy and other February 14th fanfare; for the other half, it means spending about $3.49 on a pint of Haagen Dazs’ (or a little more for the quart as so many of us do…it is Valentine’s Day after all) and going back and forth between some state of “We’ll get em’ next year.”, “Nobody will ever love me again.”, “Valentine’s day is stupid and I don’t need love.”, and “Hey, cool! A ‘Friends’ Marathon!” Regardless of which of these two camps you find yourself in this year, there are no shortage of love songs on Valentine’s Day to provide the soundtrack to your feelings.

Down or Up with Love Songs on Valentine’s Day?

Throughout musical history, love has always been the most promising subject matter for songs. When Early Man started beating on a drum, he was likely trying to convey his troubles finding a mate for the winter. Through the years, love has been a dominant force in the music we write and listen to. Some songs are good, some songs are bad: all songs are a product of experience. Within the love song canon are several distinct takes on love and relationships: some make us feel all warm and fuzzy, some turn our hearts to ice, and there are varying degrees in between.

Valentine’s Day, Love Songs and Recovery: Proceed with Caution

Anyone in recovery for alcohol or drug addiction understands the profound role that love and relationships can play in the process; anyone who understands music knows that love songs have the power to bring our own romantic experiences to the forefront of our thoughts, often to the point of fixation. If your romantic or marital troubles have contributed to your substance use disorder, steering clear of your usual love songs on Valentine’s Day might be the way to go. This might be a good time to change up the romantic-song, repertoire and listen to more uplifting and playful love tunes.

Recovery Unplugged wants to know what’s on your Valentine’s Day playlist this year. Are you beaming with love or brooding with bitterness about Valentine’s Day? Is your playlist making you think of lost love or hopeful that romance is just around the corner? Drop us a line and let us know.