Virtual IOP Northern Virginia

Virtual IOP Northern Virginia: 7 Benefits of Recovery Online

How Does Virtual IOP Work for Addiction Treatment? 

If you or a loved one haven’t been able to attend drug or alcohol rehab centers in Virginia because you’re worried about losing your job or taking care of your family, or if you’ve had difficulty getting help for your substance use disorders because of a busy schedule, virtual addiction treatment could be the right option for you. Instead of being concerned about the effects on work, school, or family, you’ll have an online treatment plan that works for your personal schedule.

Evidence-based, remote addiction rehab can help you stop feeling stuck in substance abuse. An online treatment setting is a powerful solution for recovery for parents or heads of households, traveling professionals, anyone with social phobias, college students, and immunocompromised people or those concerned about infections. You will still have access through virtual IOP centers in Virginia to excellent clinical levels of care, just like you’d get in substance abuse therapy in a rehab program or through outpatient treatment.

To discover how our virtual addiction recovery programs can help you overcome substance abuse, please contact Recovery Unplugged at 855-206-1124 today.

7 Reasons Why Virtual IOP Northern Virginia Is Beneficial 

Drugs and alcohol addictions are treatable if you choose the right rehab. Getting care online through virtual intensive outpatient programs provides many advantages for anyone needing help with alcohol addiction, heroin addiction, or another type of treatment plan.

  1. Personalized programs are tailored to your specific drug or alcohol online therapy needs.
  2. No need to worry about travel time to addiction treatment because you can solve your substance use disorders from the comfort of your home.
  3. You would get the same levels of care for drugs and alcohol addiction from inpatient or outpatient rehabs in Virginia, but online treatment programs work with your schedule.
  4. Drugs and alcohol abuse treatment includes music therapy, a new and creative approach that integrates your love of music to help you get and stay in long-term recovery.
  5. Your insurance provider covers substance abuse therapy, so you don’t have to pay out-of-pocket to address your drug or alcohol problems.
  6. Both faith-based and secular behavioral health therapies are available, so either way, you can get the substance use disorders counseling you need (and deserve).
  7. Discretion and privacy are assured when you can access treatment providers from your smartphone or laptop.

Virtual IOP Nothern Virginia Options 

With virtual IOP, there are no more excuses for avoiding treatment at rehabs in Virginia. You or your loved one will receive the same abuse treatment access to peer support groups, sober coaches, and expert addiction recovery care from doctors, nurses, and other treatment providers. You won’t have to fight traffic to get to a counseling center. Nor will you have to worry about taking time away from work or school to treat your substance abuse disorder. You don’t have to disrupt your family’s life by going to inpatient rehab because online addiction treatment programs are designed for your schedule. The sooner you begin intensive outpatient care, the better your chance at finally achieving long-term recovery.

Attending Virtual IOP at Recovery Unplugged 

While you may see other online addiction treatment centers advertised, you’ll discover that Recovery Unplugged prides itself on adding innovative music-assisted therapy to its substance abuse prevention model at its rehab centers (and online alcohol rehab or drug rehab programs). Through the virtual IOP northern Virginia treatment programs, you’ll have access to the entire continuum of care for your alcohol addiction, opiate addiction, prescription drug abuse, or other substance abuse issue that’s kept you or a loved one from living a full, rich life. If necessary, your online addiction recovery plan can also be combined with behavioral health therapy for dual diagnosis treatment.

Recovery Unplugged is an LGBTQ+ friendly drug and alcohol rehab. We work with Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), so your professional life doesn’t have to suffer while you’re on your sobriety journey. Online therapy is a solution that works, especially for anyone who believes that their schedule or family requirements won’t fit with rehab centers. It’s easy to start Recovery Unplugged, so don’t waste any more time being stuck in substance abuse, and contact us at 855-206-1124 to get help. Drugs and alcohol addiction is a treatable disease, so let’s treat it today.