Utah Musician Creates Musical Score for 12-Step Process

It can hardly be denied that the 12-Step Process is full of emotion. Throughout this journey, we experience a full range of feelings, from hope to triumph to disappointment to desperation and everything in between. Some of us are able to go through it in one fluid motion; some of us stumble and have to find our way back to the path of recovery however we can. Although the emotion and drama associated with the 12-step process can very much feel like we’re going through our own epic film, nobody has ever thought to write a musical score to it…until now.

Brendon David Nielson is a songwriter, producer and pianist from Orem, Utah whose most recent endeavor involves writing a musical score for the 12-step recovery process. Aptly titled “The Soundtrack to Addiction Recovery”, the 12-song record features mostly instrumental music and runs the emotional gamut, conveying feeling where words fail. In a recent interview with the Daily Herald, Nielson, who lost is mother to suicide stemming from mental illness and prescription addiction in 2005, discloses the deeply personal nature of the material, stating that every note and, stanza and movement has symbolic meaning. When his mother died, he seriously questioned whether recovery was even possible.

In addition to providing an engaging, sweeping and entirely appropriate musical landscape to accompany the 12-Step Process, “The Soundtrack to Recovery” reminds us all that our past doesn’t have to determine our future. The first track is entitled Honesty and is available on Nielson’s Kickstarter campaign. The second song is entitled Help and focuses on the presence and belief in a higher power. Brendon’s mission to help heal addiction through music is gaining widespread recognition and support from backers all over the country. While he’s been offered multiple recording deals, he wishes to maintain full ownership and control of the creative process as he continues this intensely personal quest.

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