Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center TY Dolla $ign @ Recovery Unplugged

TY Dolla $ign @ Recovery Unplugged

Recovery Unplugged welcomed a very special guest recently, singer/songwriter TY Dolla $ign. Although TY is not in recovery himself, he taught us all that motivation does not come strictly from stopping drug use. He shared with our clients his own story of resiliency and perseverance which ultimately lead to his successful music career.

So who is TY Dolla $ign?  (according to Wikipedia) Tyrone William Griffin, Jr. better known by his stage name Ty Dolla $ign , is an American hip hop and R&B recording artist from Los Angeles, California. He first gained major recognition in 2010, through his appearance on YG’s “Toot It and Boot It,” which Ty Dolla Sign wrote and produced for Def Jam Recordings. In the summer of 2013, he signed a record deal with Wiz Khalifa’s Taylor Gang Records and subsequently released the successful Beach House 2 mixtape.

When Ty spoke he mentioned something that all drug addicts and alcoholics hear all too often, the problem is not the drugs, it’s the person. He spoke about change, the ability to learn from yourself and others as well as the desire to want to learn new things. But most importantly he discussed contribution, which was the reason of him being here. Ty mentioned that just because he has not walked a mile in our client’s shoes does not mean he doesn’t understand and it especially doesn’t mean he doesn’t care.

Ty concluded his visit with Richie and Tommy Gunz where they all got on the stage and performed “high cost of low living” with Ty playing the bass.

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