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Fight or Flight: Regain Your Peace of Mind from Adderall Withdrawal

Maybe you started using Adderall to improve your focus to give yourself the edge you need for school or work. Maybe you started taking it to stay awake and fight narcolepsy. Maybe, like many, you just did it to see what it was like. However, you started using Adderall, it’s incredibly easy to get addicted and locked in an endless cycle of nightmarish withdrawal. The cruel irony is that the drug you once took to help you concentrate is forcing you to focus on nothing else but your symptoms. Recovery Unplugged has helped clients all over the country regain their strength from Adderall withdrawal.

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Symptoms of Adderall Withdrawal

By now you know the incredible toll that Adderall withdrawal is taking on your mind and body. You’re taking much more of the drug than any doctor would ever prescribe, maybe as many as 20 pills, and your body has developed tolerance. When you don’t get as much Adderall as you need to feel the desired effect, your body and brain puts you through tremendous withdrawal, some of the more common symptoms of which include:

  • Trouble Speaking or Making Sense
  • Depression, Irritability and Other Changes in Mood
  • Sudden Sleep Disorder
  • Unusually Sever Tiredness and Fatigue
  • Nausea and Dizziness
  • Stomach Aches or Cramping
  • Vomiting and Diarrhea

Adderall withdrawal treatment and detox should be supervised by an experienced and qualified medical professional for maximum safety.

Adderall Statistics


Use of Adderall by young adults went up by 67% in the last 10 years.


Emergency room visits rose by 156% in the last decade.

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What’s Adderall Withdrawal Costing You?

You probably started taking Adderall so you can be more present and effective in all aspects of your life, whether it’s school, work relationships or just everyday life. As your addiction worsens, however, the drug may have ended up costing you all of the things you love, and you find yourself getting in deeper and deeper. Maybe your doctor has cut off your prescription, and you’re forced to go on the street for pills or steel them from friends or loved ones. Perhaps you started taking the drugs when you were a teenager and continued to use to get through things like college exams. Suddenly it’s years later, and the drug you were taking as a teenager has become an addiction in your adulthood.

In addition to physical and psychological withdrawal, Adderall abuse can also create serious quality of life issues, including strained relationships with their families, decline in professional and academic performance, legal issues and more. In an ironic twist, withdrawal eventually renders you unable to focus, leaving you worse off than when you started taking Adderall in the first place. You don’t have to fight this hard battle on your own.

Adderall Withdrawal Timeline

  • Depression, vivid nightmares, trouble concentrating, extreme fatigue, sleep disorder, intense cravings, etc.

  • Headaches, nausea, slowed heart rate, severe joint and muscle pain, increased appetite, extreme changes in mood (irritability, aggression, hostility, paranoia), continued trouble sleeping, etc.

  • Less frequent headaches and body pain, occasional changes in mood, continued trouble sleeping, stomach illness, etc. Generally speaking, Adderall abusers can expect to see full recovery from withdrawal symptoms within 1 to 3 months if they continue to stop using; however, this timeline will vary, from person to person. Those who have become dependent on Adderall should seek professional help through medical detox.

Regain Your Focus: Treatment for Adderall Withdrawal

If you’re ready to fight Adderall withdrawal, the process starts with detoxification (detox). This is the process of purging the body of Adderall toxins so you can begin to rebalance your brain chemistry. The withdrawal period experienced during detox can difficult, sickening and painful, but it’s less difficult with the help of an experienced and qualified team of medical professionals. Recovery Unplugged offers comprehensive medical detox. You or your loved will have your symptoms managed by committed and qualified doctors and nurses so you can be completely safe and has comfortable as possible during the process.

Detox for the worst of your withdrawal symptoms usually takes around 3-5 days, but mild symptoms can last for longer. Your doctor will help you come up with a plan to manage ongoing symptoms. It’s important to realize that, while you experience withdrawal during detox, you have the chance to experience the worst of it just once before leaving it behind for good. If you don’t get help, you may find yourself locked in an endless and increasingly sever cycle of withdrawal and relapse. Call Recovery Unplugged today at (855) 384-5794 to get the help you need for Adderall withdrawal.


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