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Substance Abuse Rehab

Music-Focused Behavioral Rehab for Substance Abuse

Drug and alcohol addiction affect every area of a user’s life, beginning and ending with their mental health. The substance abuse rehab programs at Recovery Unplugged help clients regain their psychological independence, regain their confidence and focus, repair their relationships and gain the behavioral tools they need to rebuild their lives in recovery. We accomplish all of these objectives through cutting-edge, music-assisted therapy techniques that help clients more readily and enthusiastically embrace the treatment process. Imagine a life where you’re not ruled by the relentless pursuit of drugs or alcohol; a life where you’re an integral part of your family, your job and community; a life that’s yours and your only—it all begins with substance abuse rehab.

Recovery Unplugged Clinical - Substance Abuse Rehab

What Does Substance Abuse do the Brain?

Recovery Unplugged routinely hears stories from loved ones of people who are lost to substance abuse: the straight-A college student who fell into drug or alcohol through experimentation; the devoted parent who got hurt at work and succumbed to painkiller abuse; the ambitious professional who had their life derailed by binge drinking or stimulant abuse, etc. Behind each and every one of these stories is a simple question: What happened?

Drug and alcohol abuse hijacks the brain’s chemistry, increasing dopamine and rapidly intensifying cravings to the point that nothing else in their lives matter, including their families, their careers and their overall health and quality of life. It’s important to realize that although substance abuse often leads sufferers to deceptive, aggressive and manipulative actions, it’s the cravings, neurobiological changes and intense withdrawal symptoms that govern this behavior. Substance abuse rehab addresses the psychological and lifestyle elements of problematic drinking and drug use, creating a behavioral template for change, growth, awareness and relapse prevention in high-pressure situations.

How Do I Know I Need Substance Abuse Rehab?

As quickly as the physical signs of alcohol and drug addiction tend to manifest, it’s the behavioral indicators that are most telling to users’ friends, families and ourselves, and the indicators that often compel us to seek some level of rehab. While the common signs of substance abuse are different for each person, some of the more common indicators can include:

Decline in Professional or Academic Performance

Individuals struggling with substance abuse commonly fall behind in grades or professional productivity, are commonly late, disengaged and sometimes impaired while in class or at work.

Deception and Manipulation

It’s unfortunately common for those in the throes of addiction to lie about their substance abuse, rationalize their behavior and get irritable when questioned about their drug or alcohol consumption. This behavior can escalate to actions like asking for large sums of money and assistance procuring drugs.

Depression and Isolation

The psychological withdrawal period associated with many types of substance abuse can lead to extreme lows. These lows are often exhibited through behaviors like withdrawing from friends and family, uncontrollable crying and even suicidal ideations.

Aggression and Irritability

Many types of substance abuse can lead to extreme aggression and even psychosis, whether it’s through verbal outbursts, light shoving or violent assault. It’s important for loved ones of addicts to remove themselves from these dangerous situations when they feel their safety is being threatened and wait to engage their friend or family member until it’s safe.

Lifestyle Issues

Loss of savings, erosion of friendships, increasingly high-risk behavior and various other lifestyle factors are all common to individuals struggling with substance use disorder. These factors can, and often do, escalate to more serious issues like divorce, homelessness and more.

Legal Issues

The pursuit and consumption of alcohol and other drugs often supersede legal concerns to a personal battling substance abuse. Common examples of these issues include things DUI, assault destruction of property and more. Very often, these actions will lead to court-ordered substance abuse rehab in addition to fines and jail time. Recovery Unplugged offers court liaison services to individuals who are eligible to opt for addiction treatment in lieu of incarceration.

If you or your loved one are exhibiting any of these behavioral signs, it’s time to seek comprehensive substance abuse rehab today. Recovery Unplugged offers various types of care options to fit your care needs

Part of A Balanced Recovery

Substance abuse rehab addresses the mental health and lifestyle aspects of addiction; however, it’s important that patients also seek treatment and help for the immediate medical issues associated with their prolonged and untreated substance abuse. Recovery Unplugged offers medically supervised substance abuse detox to help clients safely and comfortably overcome their acute physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms and receive help in the event of a medical emergency. The withdrawal period is often what separates long-term recovery from an endless cycle of relapse, and it’s critical that you or your loved one receive professional medical help. We offer medically assisted detox at our facilities in Lake Worth, Florida and Austin, Texas.

Music in Substance Abuse Rehab

The relationship between musical and positive mental health has been definitively established. Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as well as multiple other studies indicate music’s effectiveness in combatting and managing depressive disorder. The National Alliance on Mental Illness lists multiple ways in which music can help relieve anxiety. Additionally, music has also been found to helpful in the treatment and long-term management of chronic pain. Recovery Unplugged goes beyond the traditional paradigm of peripheral music therapy at our substance abuse rehab centers, and we are the first and only addiction treatment organization in the country to fully integrate music into our various rehab programs.

Clients do not need a musical background to benefit from our music-assisted substance abuse rehab; in fact, an overwhelming majority of our clients do not have a formal musical background or regularly play an instrument. The goal of the process is to use to engage existing evidence-based treatment models where traditional talk therapy often fails. When clients engage with music, whether actively through writing and performance, or passively through listening and appreciation, they very often let their emotional guard down and are more receptive to the substance abuse rehab process.

The Recovery Unplugged Substance Abuse Rehab Experience

Recovery Unplugged combines traditional clinical practices with innovative music-focused modalities to give clients and well-rounded and rewarding substance abuse rehab experience. Our clinical programming fully integrates music to maximize its documented healing benefits. Clients are exposed to various group and individualized therapy paradigms that are centered around music-assisted healing, including but not limited to:

Personalized Playlists

Clients are guided in creating personalized recovery playlists that they have with them throughout their program and that serve as their “soundtrack” to recovery. These playlists include songs that clients associate with specific emotions, and that correlate to different types of group therapy within their rehab program. Some of the specific groups we offer include Songs of Life, Mic Check and others. Each day is kicked with a process called Morning Pump-Up, in which clients move around to an up-tempo song to feel relaxed and energized.

Performance and Production

Recovery Unplugged also offers eligible clients to articulate their emotions through the creative process by encouraging them to write and record their own music. Record in our state-of-the-art music production space and have an artifact of your treatment and recovery journey as you move forward. These songs serve as an enduring reminder of clients’ accomplishments in rehab and how far they’ve come in their recovery.

Feel-Good Friday

Our Feel-Good Friday events feature our Director of Creative Recovery, award-winning songwriter Richie Supa and special guests to our stage for unforgettable performances and profound insights regarding addiction, treatment and recovery. Recovery Unplugged also commonly hosts artists in recovery at all of our facilities.

The goal of our music-assisted rehab program is to help clients embrace music in treatment and everyday recovery so they can have a lasting and accessible therapeutic resource as they move forward.

Substance Abuse Rehab
Substance Abuse Rehab

Types of Substance Abuse Rehab

Recovery Unplugged understands that each and every one of our clients’ care needs are unique. We offer a variety of substance abuse rehab program that meet each clients treatment requirements and lifestyles, including but not limited to:

Inpatient and Residential

‘Clients stay at one of our treatment facilities for an average of 28-30 days, during which they receive a distraction-free and uninterrupted course of care. Rehab consists of group therapy, individualized counseling and supplemental modalities specific to each patient’s needs.

Outpatient and Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Clients attend multiple weekly treatment sessions that include group therapy, individualized counseling, music-based modalities and other elements of treatment. IOP regular outpatient substance abuse rehab allow clients to get the help they need while maintaining their careers, families and other lifestyle obligations.

Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) Rehab

PHP substance abuse rehab is a more frequent and longer-term form of our IOP program for clients who need a higher level of care, but still need the flexibility of an outpatient treatment paradigm. We offer PHP rehab at our treatment centers in Northern VA, Florida and Texas.

Substance Abuse Rehab in Florida

Recovery Unplugged offers substance abuse rehab programs in Fort Lauderdale and Lake Worth, Florida. Our Fort Lauderdale facility offers comprehensive intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization treatment and our Lake Worth Facility offers residential rehab in addition to medically supervised detoxification and withdrawal management. Clients at our Lake Worth facility stay in comfortable and safe residences as they endeavor to overcome their substance use disorder. Both facilities routinely worth with most insurance companies to make the treatment process more affordable and accessible. If you or someone you care about needs substance abuse rehab in Florida, Recovery Unplugged offers multiple viable options.

Substance Abuse Rehab in Texas

We also offer multiple options for substance abuse rehab in Austin, TX, including residential, outpatient, PHP and more. We are situated in the heart of Austin, TX, one of the country’s musical hubs, and offer world-class clinical care from expert doctors, nurses and mental health professionals. Our Austin, TX substance abuse rehab program offer a full continuum of care, from medical detox and withdrawal management to comprehensive substance abuse rehab and aftercare. Our Austin treatment center is also equipped with a fully functional music production space for clients to write and record their own tracks and take in unforgettable performances from artists in recovery.

Substance Abuse Rehab in Northern Virginia

Recovery Unplugged Northern Virginia Treatment Center offers comprehensive PHP substance abuse rehab in a convenient Mid-Atlantic location situated in close proximity to Washington, DC in Annandale, VA. The facility offers industry-leading addiction treatment professionals, cutting-edge music-assisted rehab programming and coordination with local detox programs in the area. Recovery Unplugged Northern Virginia Treatment Center is in network with most major insurance companies to help clients offset the cost of their care. We are striving to help as many residents in the area as possible obtain quality and affordable substance abuse rehab. If you or someone you care about needs help, call us now.


Higher recovery rates

Recovery Unplugged clients maintain long-term recovery (one year or longer) at a rate of four times the national average.


Higher completion rates

Our clients experience early AMA (against medical advice) discharges at a rate five times lower than the treatment industry average.


Client approval rating

Nearly all Recovery Unplugged clients report a positive, rewarding and fulfilling treatment experience and say they’d recommend our programs to others who need help.

5-Star Rated

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