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Outpatient Rehab

Peace of Mind and Flexibility in Recovery

Outpatient rehab for drug and alcohol addiction is one of the more common forms of care for substance use disorder. It allows participants to get the help they need to overcome drugs or alcohol while maintaining active involvement, participation and engagement with their careers, families and communities. Recovery Unplugged offers multiple outpatient and intensive outpatient (IOP) rehab options at our facilities across the country to help you or your loved one heal. Whether you’re battling severe alcohol use disorder, are on the verge of opioid dependency, need help curtailing your marijuana abuse or anything else, we’re here to help you. Call us today at (855) 384-5794 to learn more about our outpatient rehab programs.

Recovery Unplugged Clinical - Outpatient Rehab

What Is Outpatient Rehab?

Outpatient rehab for alcohol drug addiction is a structured care paradigm that consists of multiple weekly treatment sessions at a Recovery Unplugged facility. During their treatment program, clients work with our world-class behavioral health experts to address the root causes and sustaining factors of their substance use disorder and cultivate behavioral tools needed to avoid relapse. Outpatient treatment can occur as either a step-down provision of residential or inpatient treatment or as a standalone model of care. Programs consist of group, therapy individualized counseling, and various music-assisted interventions that allow patients to better establish trust and confidence in the rehab process.

Benefits of Going IOP

Outpatient drug and alcohol rehab offers quality, affordability and independence. It is the most common and accessible form of addiction treatment and serves as a springboard to lasting freedom from chemical dependency. Rather than experience the often-dramatic transition of relocating to a residential facility for a month or longer, you or your addicted loved one have the benefit of maintaining your support system and maintaining some semblance of control over your life. Outpatient rehab also happens to be more affordable than the inpatient option and is more readily covered by insurance providers. Outpatient treatment provides a level of clinical care on par with inpatient treatment with a less structured setting for eligible participants.

Goals of IOP Rehab

Each and every person who needs rehab for alcohol or drug addiction comes to the process with their own unique set of care needs; sometimes these needs don’t allow for taking a month out of life to attend an inpatient treatment program. The primary goal of outpatient rehab is to help clients understand, address and manage the psychological catalysts and triggers of their substance use disorder, no matter how obvious or subtle; sometimes these factors include acute trauma; sometimes they include something more hidden like a years-long dysfunctional family dynamic. Whatever the cause or consequences of your or your loved one’s substance abuse may be, Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you contextualize and overcome them in outpatient rehab.

As with any type of rehab, even the most enthusiastic outpatient participants often have trouble trusting embracing the process. Recovery Unplugged offers music-assisted therapies to help clients more immediately engage with the clinical benefits of the rehab process. We are the first and only addiction treatment organization in the country to fully integrate music into every aspect of our care program. While other outpatient rehabs peripherally include music therapy in their program, Recovery Unplugged has instilled through-line of music throughout the entirety of our process.

Outpatient Rehab at Recovery Unplugged

Recovery Unplugged offers outpatient rehab for alcohol and drug addiction at multiple locations across the united states, including:

For Lauderdale, FL Recovery Unplugged Fort Lauderdale Treatment Center is our flagship facility, providing a full array of alcohol and drug rehab and treatment services, including outpatient and IOP rehab, PHP care, coordination with medically supervised detox resources and more. The facility is located minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, and offers leading behavioral health experts, fully equipped music production spaces, freshly prepared food during mealtimes, a supportive and committed alumni community and much more. We also feature regular performances from artists in recovery who can share their insights regarding the treatment process. Recovery Unplugged Fort Lauderdale Treatment Center works with most types of employer-provided or private insurances.

Austin, TX (Austin Detox Center, Austin Treatment Center and Austin Rehab Center) - Recovery Unplugged offers music-assisted outpatient rehab in one of the premier hubs in the United States. Our Austin, TX rehab centers offers coordination with medically supervised detox, fully equipped music production and performance spaces and various other clinical amenities to maximize the benefits of the outpatient rehab process.

Annandale, VA Recovery Unplugged Northern VA Treatment Center is our most recent outpatient rehab center offering care to clients in the Mid-Atlantic region. This facility is in network with most major insurance providers to make the rehab process more affordable and accessible.

Outpatient rehab programs at Recovery Unplugged include customized aftercare and discharge planning to help patients seamlessly transition to life after treatment. These plans are critical to helping them successfully reintegrate back into their families, careers and lives.


Higher recovery rates

Recovery Unplugged clients maintain long-term recovery (one year or longer) at a rate of four times the national average.


Higher completion rates

Our clients experience early AMA (against medical advice) discharges at a rate five times lower than the treatment industry average.


Client approval rating

Nearly all Recovery Unplugged clients report a positive, rewarding and fulfilling treatment experience and say they’d recommend our programs to others who need help.

5-Star Rated

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