Very often, those struggling with addiction to drugs or alcohol need help focusing on their treatment and recovery in a distraction-free, supportive and compassionate environment. These programs are critical to helping clients rebuild the behavioral and social foundation that was damaged in the wake of their drug and alcohol use so they can live independently and thrive with minimal threat of relapse. Inpatient rehab helps participants address the origins of sustaining factors of their addictions while providing them a safe, discreet and supportive living environment for the duration of their stay.

Inpatient alcohol and drug rehab also have the opportunity to reconnect with their families through counseling and family involvement, and receive help for any co-occurring disorders from which they may be suffering. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) reports that there are over eight million Americans that currently suffer from simultaneous substance abuse and mental illness. Very often, the best and most effective course of treatment for this population is an inpatient or residential course of care.


Alcohol and drug addiction systematically dismantles a person’s life. If substance abuse persists for long enough without intervention or treatment, it will erode and destroy virtually every of existence, including health, family, financial stability and overall quality of life, until it leaves a person for dead. Inpatient rehab for drug and alcohol addiction is the ideal modality for individuals who find themselves in the throes of prolonged and untreated substance use disorder. Recovery Unplugged offers comprehensive, music-assisted residential and inpatient rehab programs in Florida and Texas that allow our clients to address and manage the diverse psychological ramifications of their addictions, develop behavioral coping techniques and gradually rebuild their lives while in treatment.

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Our inpatient alcohol and drug rehab center offers targeted and in-depth care in a fully immersive 24-7 environment. It allows you or your loved one the opportunity to focus entirely on your healing without having to worry about what’s outside of your door or what relapse-related pitfalls await you in the streets. Inpatient drug rehab also helps clients cultivate the life skills they may have lost during their prolonged and untreated course of substance abuse. Clients stay in clean, comfortable and safe residences when they’re not in treatment, which provide stability, comfort and peace of mind during this admittedly vulnerable time in their lives. Inpatient rehab is particularly helpful for those suffering from dual-diagnosis disorders like co-occurring substance abuse and depression. Whether you need inpatient alcohol rehab for decades-long excessive drinking or residential drug treatment for heroin or opioids, we're here for you.

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Recovery Unplugged offers inpatient drug and alcohol rehab at our facilities in Austin, TX and Lake Worth, FL. Patients stay for an average of 28-30 days, during which they receive a comprehensive and compassionate course of music-assisted behavioral therapy. Inpatient rehab consists of group therapy, individualized counseling and a variety of music-based modalities for a well-rounded and fully formed recovery experience. These techniques include multiple levels of musical engagement and interaction, including developing emotionally resonant personalized playlists, writing their own music and lyrics, experiencing performances from artists in recovery at our Feel-Good Friday events and much more. Each one of our inpatient rehab facilities provides a comfortable, safe, supportive and private living experience.

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Recovery Unplugged Lake Worth Detox, Rehab and Treatment Center offers a full continuum of care to clients who need help for more severe forms of substance use disorder. We routinely treat clients who have relapsed multiple times, and are committed to helping you or your loved one definitively overcome your substance abuse. Clients who stay at our Lake Worth alcohol and drug rehab center stay in fully appointed rooms, eat freshly prepared food from an experienced and passionate chef, have a chance to write and record music in our production and stay in a gorgeous location in close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and the Intracoastal Waterway.


Recovery Unplugged offers multiple treatment centers in Austin, TX that offer specific and targeted music-assisted treatment. Our Austin rehab center is where clients receive inpatient and partial hospitalization program (PHP) rehab. Clients receive music-assisted alcohol and drug rehab in one of the nation’s musical meccas and are treated by some of the leading treatment providers in the addiction care industry. We are also able to coordinate inpatient detox to help our clients address the physical and psychological withdrawal symptoms that will inevitably accompany the treatment and recovery processes. Our Austin location allows prime access to some of the richest musical culture in the world.

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Alcohol and drug rehab requires intervention on multiple fronts to ensure a seamless and uninterrupted transition into post-treatment life. One of the reasons why Recovery Unplugged has seen success rates far above the national average is because we provide invaluable post-treatment aftercare plans that allow clients to build on the progress they made in treatment. These plans include referral information to therapists and recovery meetings and continued follow-up calls to assess progress and vulnerability. Our inpatient rehab programs are open to clients of all musical backgrounds and multiple different kinds of recovery models, whether it’s AA/NA, SMART Recovery or anything else.



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