Do you or your loved one need alcohol rehab? If you do, chances are you either don’t realize it or are reluctant to admit it. The lines between acceptable and excessive drinking very often get blurred. Heavy drinkers have the uncanny ability to downplay their alcohol abuse as a necessary reaction to life’s adversity: a stressful family dynamic, a high-pressure job, etc. Some alcoholics even manage to normalize their drinking as commonplace social behavior. The path to alcoholism begins with excuses, continues with dysfunction, deception and personal decline, and leads to alcohol rehab. Maybe you’re facing DUI or other legal charges, maybe you’ve lost your job because you couldn’t stop drinking, maybe your family is giving you an ultimatum. Whatever the case may be, it’s time to stop drinking and get your life together. Recovery Unplugged alcohol rehab center is ready to help you free yourself from the destructive cycle of excessive drinking and guide you toward recovery.


Alcohol kills approximately 88,000 Americans per year, according to data from the National Center on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAA). Like the legendary David Byrne once asked, sort of: “How did (we) get here?” There are usually many steps, stumbles and examples of decline between a few too many drinks and a rock-bottom situation like driving drunk or missing a week of work because of a bender. The NIAA defines binge drinking as a pattern of drinking that brings blood alcohol concentration (BAC) levels to 0.08. This typically occurs after 4 drinks for women and five drinks for men—in about two hours. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) defines the behavior as five or more alcoholic drinks for males or four or more alcoholic drinks for females on the same occasion on at least one day in the past month.

While these guidelines are helpful, they very often go ignored or unheeded by American drinkers in every group. Little by little, binge drinking turns to abuse and abuse turns to dependency. Recover Unplugged offers comprehensive music-assisted alcohol rehab to clients in every stage of alcohol abuse, whether they’re suffering from a decades-long addiction or are on threshold of dependency and subsequent addiction.

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Have you adjusted your life to accommodate your drinking? Are you lying to yourself or the people in your life about your level of drinking? Are you making deals with yourself and accepting higher and higher levels of risky behavior if it means you can drink more? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you might need alcohol rehab. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that alcohol kills about 88,000 Americans per year due to direct and indirect causes. The morgues and cemeteries are filled with drinkers who weren’t honest with themselves about whether or not they needed alcohol rehab.

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Alcohol Rehab

The glaring need for quality alcohol rehab resources in the United States has never been clearer:

  • Over One Third of American Adults Had at Least One Heavy Drinking Day in 2018 (CDC)
  • Over 30 Percent of High School Seniors Consume Alcohol Each Month (National Institute on Drug Abuse)
  • Cirrhosis of the Liver, A Condition Commonly Caused and Exacerbated by Excessive Alcohol Consumption, Has Increased 31 Percent over the Past 15 Years (CDC)
  • Alcohol-Related Deaths Have Risen 35 Percent from 2007 to 2017 (University of Washington)
  • Alcohol Kills About 16,000 More People Each Year than Opioids (National Institutes of Health)
  • Costs of Alcoholism Exceed $186 Billion Each Year (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration)
  • Every day, 29 people in the United States die in motor vehicle crashes that involve an alcohol-impaired driver. (CDC)

There are countless statistics to go right along with the above figures that illustrate alcohol’s profound impact on health, financial stability, family relationships and overall quality of life. Recovery Unplugged is here to help you or your loved on avoid becoming another casualty of these pervasive epidemic.


Alcohol is deeply embedded in the American experience: It’s there when we celebrate, it’s there when we mourn, it’s there when we’re with our friend, it’s there when we’re by ourselves. It’s there at the end of good days and bad, and the reality is that there’s just no way of avoiding contact with it in everyday life. Recovery Unplugged offers alcohol rehab options that allow clients to develop long-term behavioral coping techniques that allow them to avoid relapse in high-pressure situations. The goal of any rehab program should be to help patients assess and manage the behavioral elements of their substance use disorder, and the role of any subsequent mental health issues. This process should include customized behavioral health interventions. Recovery Unplugged uses music to engage existing evidence-based rehab models during the treatment and recovery processes.

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Music and alcohol abuse have a long, toxic and dysfunctional relationship in pop culture. The reality is that when we think of rock and roll or pop music, we often envision a life of excess, never-ending parties and binge drinking; and, in point of fact, many touring and recording musicians do suffer from alcohol addiction and mental illness. One recent study published in Billboard Magazine revealed that nearly three quarters of working musicians suffer from symptoms of mental illness. Recovery Unplugged alcohol rehab centers are flipping the script on this perception, by offering music-assisted alcohol treatment. We believe that the very art form that so many believe to be in an incubator for alcohol abuse can actually save lives and pull people back from the brink of addiction.


Recovery Unplugged offers multiple alcohol rehab centers across the country to help as many people as possible overcome their drinking and regain their peace of mind and mental health. We offer multiple different types of alcohol rehab to provide clients with targeted and customized options that best suit their care needs and lifestyles. Our programs include:


Our inpatient or residential alcohol rehab allows clients to heal in a distraction-free environment, such as a hospital-like setting or treatment center, while they work on overcoming their substance use disorder. Recovery Unplugged offers inpatient care at our drug rehab centers in Lake Worth, FL and Austin, TX. Patients typically stay for an average of 28-30 days, depending upon their progress and other factors, and undergo group therapy, one-on-one counseling with our experienced and qualified therapists, supplemental therapies, and music-focused therapeutic techniques to form a well-rounded and fully formed treatment experience. Participants stay in comfortable, fully appointed residences and enjoy multiple amenities to remain safe and comfortable during their treatment.


Outpatient alcohol rehab at Recovery Unplugged allows participants to attend multiple weekly treatment sessions while maintaining the flexibility to manage their careers, their families and their lives while not receiving care.

Recovery Unplugged offers outpatient care at our alcohol rehab facilities in Fort Lauderdale, FL and Austin, TX. While the exact fabric of each client’s program will vary based on their care needs and substance use history, care generally includes a combination of group therapy, individualized counseling and innovative, music-assisted therapy techniques. The intensive outpatient (IOP) alcohol rehab program consists of five treatment sessions per week. Start exploring your options now.


The Recovery Unplugged PHP alcohol rehab program is a prolonged and more frequent version of our IOP program for patients who need a higher level of care, but still also need the flexibility to maintain their everyday lives while in treatment. Recovery Unplugged offers targeted and comprehensive PHP alcohol rehab at our facilities in Fort Lauderdale, FL; Annandale, VA; Kerrville and Austin, TX. Treatment consists of either six or seven treatment sessions per week, depending upon location, and includes group dynamics, psychiatric counseling, supplemental modalities and music-focused interventions to help clients engage existing evidence-based treatment models and more readily embrace rehab.


Many of our clients spend years having their lives dismantled by alcoholism, and this fallout doesn’t get fixed overnight, or even in a month. Addiction recovery is a lifelong endeavor and the timeline for immediate healing is different for every person who walks the path to sobriety. Recovery Unplugged offers customized long-term alcohol rehab solutions to help clients, safely, effectively and incrementally rebuild their lives and relationships, and address the fallout that has occurred in all areas of their lives due to their substance abuse. Our long-term alcohol rehab program resources include halfway houses for eligible patients, medication-assisted treatment, ongoing aftercare and logistical support and much more. Clients will have the opportunity to build a solid foundation under them, reconnect with their loved ones, get the help they need for any associated medical issues and gradually reintegrate themselves back into their everyday lives.

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Recovery Unplugged alcohol rehab center offers music-based treatment to help clients address the behavioral origins and fallout of their addiction to rebuild their lives. It is the process by which clients manage the psychological aspects of their alcohol use disorder and live independently in recovery. Through group therapy and individualized counseling from our world-class mental health experts, and a combination of proven and effective music-based therapies, clients identify the root causes of their addictions, as well as any co-occurring mental health issues that contribute to their alcoholism. The process helps develop the behavioral tools they need to achieve lasting freedom from alcohol.

You or your loved one will leave your alcohol rehab program with a customized and realistic aftercare plan that contains behavioral techniques to avoid relapse, and contact information for therapists and support groups in your area.

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Alcohol Rehab


As important as rehab is in the alcohol treatment process, it’s only one element of recovery. Alcohol rehab must occur alongside medically supervised detox and withdrawal management, as well as ongoing therapy and lifestyle changes to help individuals achieve lasting sobriety, peace of mind and mental health. As part of our alcohol rehab program, Recovery Unplugged offers comprehensive aftercare plans to help clients seamlessly maintain and build on the progress they made in treatment. Aftercare plans are critical to long-term alcohol recovery, as they help people avoid relapse in high-pressure situations. With the likelihood of encountering alcohol in social situations, it’s important that our clients have these behavioral safety nets.


One of the most common questions we receive from incoming clients or their loved ones prior to admission is: “How exactly do you use music during the alcohol rehab process?” Recovery Unplugged is the first and only alcohol rehab and treatment organization to fully integrate music into every aspect of our rehab programming. The substance of our program goes beyond peripheral music therapy, and instills music in every aspect of our rehab. We use these program to help clients more readily engage the alcohol rehab process in a way in which traditional talk therapy often falls short. We have seen time and again, the emotional transformation that clients experience when they engage with music-based therapies. Some of specific examples of our musical programming include:

  • Creative Group Therapy
  • Songs of Life
  • Mic Check Group
  • Open Mic Groups
  • Personalized Recovery Playlists
  • Songwriting and Performance
  • Feel-Good Friday

Recovery Unplugged also routinely hosts sober parties to help individuals in recovery have fun, relax and connect with people without the threat of relapse and other types of drama associated with alcohol abuse. We are acutely aware of the social challenges that individuals in recovery face as they endeavor to pick up the pieces and reconnect with their friends and family, and we’re ready to provide a safe, fun and sober social experience.

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