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A Fresh Start for Broward County

Data from the United Way of Broward County Commission on Substance Abuse indicates that residents continue to face a multilateral substance abuse threat in their personal lives, families and communities. In a situation where one mistake or ill-advised bout of misconduct can have years-long, or even lifelong, repercussions, Broward County’s Drug Court Program works to help eligible offenders move past their transgressions and get the help they need to live up to their full potential. Recovery Unplugged routinely works with the Broward County Drug Court Program to usher participants toward the second chance they need and deserve for a fresh start.

About the Broward County Drug Court Program

The Broward County Drug Court Program is currently under the supervision of the Honorable Judge Michele  Towbin- Singer and was established nearly 30 years ago in recognition of the need for treatment over mass incarceration in the area. It was the third drug court program in the country, and the second in Florida behind Miami, to offer this foresight and opportunity for redemption. The Drug Court, unlike the traditional criminal court, utilizes a team approach to working with an individual. The Assistant Public Defenders assigned to the court by Broward County’s Public Defender Howard Finkelstein work in cooperation with the Broward Sheriff’s Office, Department of Corrections, and the State Attorney’s Office to intervene on behalf of and treat offenders. Since its implementation, recidivism rates have remained at less than four percent.


Higher recovery rates

Recovery Unplugged clients maintain long-term recovery (one year or longer) at a rate of four times the national average.


Higher completion rates

Our clients experience early AMA (against medical advice) discharges at a rate five times lower than the treatment industry average.


Client approval rating

Nearly all Recovery Unplugged clients report a positive, rewarding and fulfilling treatment experience and say they’d recommend our programs to others who need help.

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