Residential Treatment

Living in Recovery: Residential Treatment for Substance Use Disorder

Residential treatment is one of the most intense levels of care for alcohol and drug use disorder. It provide the immersive treatment and support patients need when they’re struggling with deep and prolonged substance abuse. Residential treatment is also a prime option for people who have just started to realize that alcohol and drugs have made their lives unmanageable. Recovery Unplugged offers multiple residential treatment options to help you or your loved one overcome alcohol or drug addiction and reclaim your life. Call us today at 1 (855) 384-5794 so we can help get your health, dignity and peace of mind back.

What Is Residential Treatment?

Residential treatment provides a safe and supportive environment for clients, in which they reside at their facility as they focus on healing from substance use disorder. Most programs last an average of 28-30 days, but they may be longer or shorter, depending on clients’ needs and facilities’ resources. Residential treatment provides a distraction-free atmosphere.

Clients are free to focus on their recovery without worrying about the factors that might have led to their initial substance use (i.e. their friends who deal and use, their toxic family life, abusive romantic relationships, etc.). Residential addiction treatment provides targeted and expert clinical care, while giving clients a new sense of foundational support and community.

Do I Really Need to Live There?

Probably. Addiction is a complex medical disease that requires dynamic care on multiple fronts. Relapse rates for the disease are between 40 and 60 percent. These rates are on par with other chronic diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure. Some of the main obstacles to successful recovery from addiction include lack of access or follow-through with medical care, lack of social or logistical support and the constant threat of bad influences from their everyday lives.

Residential treatment eliminates all of these obstacles. It gives clients a chance to remove themselves from these dangerous circumstances, learn why their recovery is important, and what they need to do to maintain it. The short time that clients spend in residential treatment can lay a solid foundation for the rest of their recovery.

Benefits of Residential Treatment:

Clinical and Medical

Clients in residential treatment programs have access to expert medical detox and withdrawal management. This is a resource that they might not easily obtain in other types of treatment programs. They also receive a comprehensive medical evaluation in which any associated health issues are identified and addressed. Residential treatment centers can provide needed assistance with medication adherence. Many times people suffering from substance have conditions they don’t even know about, and that can be life-threatening. Residential treatment offers medical stabilization and a proactive treatment plan.

Emotional and Behavioral

In addition to regular group and one-on-one therapy sessions from expert mental health professionals, clients in residential treatment centers have real-time opportunities for support during their most vulnerable periods. Anyone who has ever battled addiction knows that cravings and emotional breakdowns aren’t exactly scheduled. Residential treatment centers provide an environmental safety net where people can have in-the-moment help from staff, as opposed to having to work through the struggle on their own. From a therapy standpoint, clients spend weeks building a relationship with their therapist and receive uninterrupted care. They get to process their revelations without having to worry about the outside world immediately clouding their thinking.

Support and Community

When you live with people, you often live with them for life, and this is especially true if you go through the same struggle. There’s a sense of community and bonding that residents form with one another is unlike any other type of relationship. They often last well beyond the timeframe of the program, and develop into lifelong friendships. These friendships, whether they’re right next door or thousands of miles away on social media, can be incredibly helpful during the vulnerable periods in recovery.

Residential treatment can also help clients navigate issues with their careers, families and romantic relationships, so clients can have the benefit of a fresh start.

Residential Treatment at Recovery Unplugged

Recovery Unplugged currently offers two residential treatment centers to help our clients heal. Both of these facilities offer our music-assisted care, as well as comfortable accommodations, freshly prepared food, round-the-clock security and a dedicated and compassionate support staff.

Recovery Unplugged Austin Treatment Center

- Clients at our Austin residential treatment center stay in semi-private rooms with luxury sleeping quarters, snack bar, cable and streaming services. They enjoy three daily meals and snacks prepared fresh by our trained chef. During downtime, during downtime, they have access to our volleyball court, firepit, horseshoe and cornhole games and more, as well as our fully equipped music spaces. Security and support staff at our facility help maximize safety and comfort during your treatment and beyond.

Recovery Unplugged Nashville Treatment Center

– Our brand-new Nashville residential treatment offers 35 beds for medical detox, comfortable and beautifully appointed client residences, a VIP suite for those who need extra privacy during their substance use disorder treatment, and world-class staff of doctors, nurses, therapists and support professionals. The facility also offers a trained chef on staff, and a “Zen” room and “Jam” room to help clients regain their peace of mind and maximize musical engagement during the treatment process.

Is Residential Treatment Right for Me?

Residential treatment is a prime option for people in all stages of substance use disorder, especially for those who have tried outpatient programs and have encountered issues with long-term recovery. Recovery Unplugged accepts most major insurances to make the residential treatment process more affordable. For those who are concerned about putting their lives on hold to enter a residential treatment program, think of it more as hitting the reset button on a dysfunctional and unmanageable life. Recovery Unplugged is ready to guide you toward the right kind of treatment for you or your loved one so you can finally move past your addiction and live your best life. Call us today at 1 (855) 384-5794 to speak with one of our representatives.