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The Quality and Flexibility You Need in Rehab

While it’s most important that patients get the help they need, Recovery Unplugged recognizes that not everyone can take the time out of their lives to enter an inpatient program, nor does everyone need to. Recovery Unplugged provides next-level outpatient treatment for patients who need help but can’t remove themselves from their families, careers or lifestyles. Outpatient treatment involves multiple weekly treatment sessions. Treatment is comprised of our music-based therapy as well as more traditional foundational techniques.

Detox and outpatient alcohol treatment options may vary based on treatment location. Call our Admissions professionals today at (855) 784-3577 for more information about our treatment options.

Why Outpatient Rehab?

Addiction creates chaos and dysfunction in every area of a person’s life, including their careers and families. While it’s imperative that patients take the necessary time to heal and focus on themselves, it’s also true that removing themselves from their lives will hurt many. They may suffer even more of a professional set-back if they’re forced to take a leave of absence from work.

They may become even more estranged from their loved ones if they’re away from them for so long. Outpatient rehab provides quality and comprehensive care while allowing patients to stay present in the important areas of their lives.


Don’t become another statistic. Recovery Unplugged is ready to provide you or your loved one with drug and alcohol abuse and addiction treatment. Call Now: (855) 784-3577 to take your life back.

Recovery Unplugged Outpatient Rehab

Participants in our outpatient alcohol treatment and drug rehab learn the basics of songwriting, recording and performance to break down emotional barriers and access their internal voice. Treatment is broken up into multiple weekly sessions and consists of a traditional treatment program and our innovative music-based therapy. Music offers a sense of catharsis and emotional release that talk therapy simply can’t always provide. We have leveraged the healing power of music to create a unique and effective outpatient alcohol treatment program for adult men and women.The program is available to patients of all backgrounds and levels of musical interest.

Outpatient Rehab Fort Lauderdale

After Outpatient Rehab

Once patients complete our Florida outpatient rehab program, it’s quite possible that they’re going to require ongoing care either through a supplemental inpatient program, long-term treatment or a different type of model. Regardless of what program they undergo, each patient is urged to continue treatment for physical and emotional issues associated with addiction with a therapist and physician that is local to them. Patients leave our program with a comprehensive aftercare plan to help them stay on track in their recovery. These plans are customized to each patient’s unique care needs and generally include things like referral information to a local addiction-trained therapist, so they can continue counseling and 12-step meetings.

Patients should also include behavioral coping strategies to help patients avoid relapse and stay on track during their recovery. Contact Recovery Unplugged today if you or your loved one needs quality outpatient treatment in Fort Lauderdale. Entering treatment can be a scary and uncertain process. It takes a great deal of courage to admit an addiction problem and do what it takes to manage it. Recovery Unplugged takes the trust of our patients and their loved ones extremely seriously, and is committed to providing a well-rounded and dynamic recovery experience. Take your life back from addiction and regain control of your future.

Let Us Help You Recover

No matter what type of treatment you need, whether it’s outpatient treatment or a more intense level of care, Recovery Unplugged is ready to help you take your life back. The most important thing is that you get the help you need for yourself or your loved one. Our friendly and knowledgeable admissions professionals are ready to guide you toward quality and compassionate addiction treatment.

Call Recovery Unplugged today at (855) 784-3577. Don’t let another second go by without getting the help you need.

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