Long-Term Treatment

Addiction recovery is an ongoing endeavor that often requires long-term treatment. Call Recovery Unplugged today at 1 (800) 55-REHAB to start taking your life back.

Extended Care for Optimal Healing

During the course of their active substance abuse, addicts often sustain considerable damage to their health and lifestyle that can take months or even years to repair. This includes their physical health, quality of life and even their cognitive ability. Long-term treatment is generally reserved for drug and alcohol users whose lives have been torn apart by addiction, and who need in-depth, ongoing help to get back on their feet. These programs can last anywhere from three months to a year and address the complex lifestyle issues that clients face during recovery. Call us today at 1 (800) 55-REHAB to get help you need now.

What Is Long-Term Treatment?

Long-term addiction treatment starts with traditional detox and rehab. Rehabilitation includes counseling, behavior modification, group therapy, and supplemental therapies. Those requiring long-term treatment will usually first get help from an inpatient treatment facility. Recovery Unplugged offers comprehensive inpatient treatment and works with clients to facilitate long-term care should their needs dictate an extended form of treatment.
After completing detox and rehab, clients in long-term treatment stay in supportive housing, usually provided by their treatment program.

Clients may receive assistance with a variety of clinical and lifestyle issues including:

• Legal issues (if applicable)
• Relapse prevention
• Life skills development
• Medication assistance
• Family reconnection

Clients staying in long-term treatment are monitored on an ongoing basis. They stay in the program based on their progress until their treatment providers feel as though they’re ready to graduate and live on their own.

Is Long-Term Treatment Right for Me?

Long-term addiction treatment is a continuous process that compels participants to rearrange their lives in the pursuit of recovery. The types of clients best served by this comprehensive approach include:

• Users suffering from a serious co-occurring disorder
• Users with a long and extensive history of relapse
• Users who had little to no success in other, less intense programs
• Users whose cognitive function has been severely impacted by addiction

Clients will work with their treatment professionals to determine whether or not long-term treatment is needed based on their progress and ongoing care needs.

After Long-Term Treatment

No matter how long a patient spends in treatment, the transition back into the world can seem scary and uncertain. Long-term addiction treatment provides referral to support group meetings and addiction-trained therapists. The idea of long-term treatment is to gradually ease clients back into a life of independence; a life in which they are able to resist relapse-triggers and high-pressure situations. Recovery Unplugged is committed to helping clients find quality care at all levels, whether they need inpatient or long-term drug and alcohol treatment. You don’t have to let drug or alcohol addiction win.

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