It’s time to start taking care of yourself and breaking free of the distractions and toxic influences in your life. Recovery Unplugged offers safe, discreet and comfortable inpatient rehab for drug and alcohol addiction. Call us now at 1 (800) 55-REHAB to start healing.

Effective and Supportive Residential Addiction Treatment

For some people battling substance use disorder, it’s necessary to remove themselves from the negative or dysfunctional circumstances in their lives that have triggered mental illness as well as substance abuse. Inpatient rehab for drug or alcohol addiction offers a safe, private, comfortable and distraction-free environment in which you or your loved can focus entirely on healing and rebuilding your life. The inpatient rehab process is ideal for those with an extended history of drug or alcohol addiction, and who have not been able to get the help they need in a regular outpatient treatment program or partial-hospitalization setting.

Recovery Unplugged offers safe, compassionate and discreet inpatient rehab at our facilities in Lake Worth, FL and Austin, TX. We understand the profound role that environment plays in the addiction treatment process, and we strive to provide you or your loved one with a comfortable, serene and supportive atmosphere during your stay with us. Our inpatient rehab model offers a an entirely onsite care experience in which patients are free to concentrate on rebuilding their lives in the wake of their substance use disorder. Programs usually last 28 days, but can run longer depending upon patients’ progress and ongoing care needs.

Benefits of Inpatient Rehab

Inpatient addiction rehab offers targeted and in-depth care in a fully immersive 24-7 environment. It allows you or your loved one the opportunity to focus entirely on your healing without having to worry about what’s outside of your door or what relapse-related pitfalls await you in the streets. Inpatient rehab also helps clients cultivate the life skills they may have lost during their prolonged and untreated course of substance abuse. Clients stay in clean, comfortable and safe residences when they’re not in treatment, which provide stability, comfort and peace of mind during this admittedly vulnerable time in their lives. Inpatient rehab is particularly helpful for those suffering from dual-diagnosis disorders like co-occurring substance abuse and depression.

Inpatient Rehab at Recovery Unplugged

Our creative and clinical leadership collaborate to provide clients with a fully formed, music-based inpatient recovery experience. In addition to the more traditional elements of addiction rehab, like group therapy and individualized counseling, clients learn the basics and fundamentals of songwriting and utilize music to promote healing and emotional growth. The program is open to patients with or without a musical background. Recovery Unplugged believes that everyone can benefit from music therapy, regardless of whether or not they play an instrument or were music lovers prior to their substance abuse. Programs usually last between 30-45 days, depending upon patients’ progress.

Recovery Unplugged is determined to make you or your loved feel as safe and comfortable as possible during your rehab. Our inpatient program offers a variety of amenities, including but not limited to: semi-private rooms, 24-7 security, freshly prepared meals, recreational facilities, gym and fitness facilities, fully equipped music performance space and more. Exact amenities will vary based upon location.

Take the First Step Today

Many find it difficult to enter an inpatient rehab program. They have a hard time putting their careers and families on hold, no matter how much they’ve deteriorated or become unhinged. It’s important to remember, however, that recovery is the most important thing, and that if substance abuse persists, everything will eventually unravel in due course. Sometimes it’s necessary to take the time you need in an inpatient program to do the hard work of overcoming drug or alcohol addiction. Call Recovery Unplugged today at 1 (800) 55-REHAB to find out if inpatient rehab is right for you. Your recovery starts now.

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