Top Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers Nashville

Top Inpatient Drug Rehab Centers Nashville

Finding a Top Inpatient Drug Rehab

When you enter a treatment facility to address your drug addiction, there are many factors that individuals need to consider. Your substance use disorders are unique to you and developed due to your life experiences, emotions, or traumas that have influenced your ability to cope and manage daily triggers and stressors. When choosing the best addiction center for you, you want to find a rehabilitation center that ensures you receive top-tier addiction care methods that are individualized to meet your current needs and goals for addiction recovery.

Nashville, TN residents choose Recovery Unplugged for the unique approach to addiction treatments that include our world-renowned music therapy methods and evidence-based therapy methods that will support you in effectively healing from the root causes of your drug addiction. You will also gain the life skills and tools for relapse prevention to ensure you have long-term success in sober living.

To discover how our virtual addiction recovery programs can help you overcome substance abuse, please contact Recovery Unplugged at (615) 616-9685 today. 

Questions to Ask When Searching for Drug Rehab in Nashville

Before beginning your recovery journey, you first need to decide where you will receive the support of an addiction treatment program. Prospective patients have many questions about the drug treatment programs and process, and you must speak with the addiction center to know what to expect from your treatment facility.

Some Nashville, TN residents may be unclear about what questions to ask before starting their addiction treatment process. The following are some questions that you can consider asking the addiction center before starting your addiction recovery process:

Is the treatment facility accredited?

This will let you know if the addiction center follows a standard set of guidelines and best practices to follow that are based on a high level of standards and processes.

What are the mission and core values of the addiction center?

There is no one-size-fits-all treatment approach. Your addiction treatment programs need to align with your personal goals for addiction recovery and your areas of need for personal growth and healing. Your addiction care must be centered around your specific values in the types of treatment offered and levels of care from addiction counselors and medical professionals.

Who is on staff that will be taking care of your addiction care?

Before beginning an addiction treatment program, you want to know that you will be given the one-on-one care and therapy sessions needed. If you require medical detox or specialized therapy methods, you will want to know the support staff, addiction counselors, and health care professionals overseeing your addiction care and treatment programs.

What types of addiction therapy methods are offered?

Each individual will respond to certain types of treatment that will promote personal growth and healing. It is important to note the types of treatment methods available to fully address and heal from your history of substance abuse.

Will your treatment programs include a medical detox program?

Depending on your substance, there is the potential for serious side effects or moderate to severe withdrawal symptoms. You must overcome physical dependence on drugs and alcohol with the support and supervision of licensed medical professionals. Medical detox will ensure that your physical and mental health remains stable, safe, and comfortable through your detox process.

How does the treatment facility foster the building of a strong recovery community?

Connecting with others in addiction recovery and developing a strong support system in sober living. A residential inpatient rehab program often fosters relationships between other patients through group therapy and 12-step programs such as Narcotics Anonymous. Patients in inpatient rehab often develop long-term friendships that will be there even after completing their drug rehab program.

Does the recovery center offer dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring disorders?

Many individuals with substance use disorders will live with a co-occurring mental health disorder. A dual diagnosis treatment program will support patients in healing from the underlying causes of drug addiction and developing tools to manage their co-occurring mental health disorders through natural, holistic treatments.

Drug Detox During Inpatient Drug Rehab

Substance abuse comes in many forms, and depending on your drug of choice and the severity of your drug addiction, you may experience severe withdrawal symptoms. A drug detox program will provide patients with the medical supervision and treatments needed to safely and comfortably overcome the physical dependence of their drug addiction. As you heal from the physical addiction to drugs, you will be invited to participate in addiction treatment methods that will support you in healing from the emotional and mental addiction to drugs and alcohol.

How Recovery Unplugged Can Help

Recovery Unplugged is a treatment center in Nashville that can provide patients with a whole-person integrated approach to healing that will foster a new foundation for life in sober living. At Recovery Unplugged, we believe in the vital healing potential of the power of music. Patients can express their emotions, release negative responses and feelings through creative expression, and rediscover their passion for life within the art of music. Even if you don’t have a specific musical background, our team will create individualized treatment plans to meet your hopes and dreams for addiction recovery. Contact Recovery Unplugged at (615) 616-9685 today and hear more about the various methods of addiction treatments offered within our residential treatment center.