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One More Day: Catch the Premiere of Richie Supa’s “I Got This” Music Video on September 28th

Today acclaimed songwriter and RU’s very own Director of Creative Recovery Richie Supa will be unveiling a haunting and resonant music video for his recovery-themed track “I Got This”. The song is a tragically tongue-and-cheek account of the powerful role that denial plays in drug and alcohol addiction. Sponsored by Face the Music Foundation and Recovery Unplugged, the video paints an honest and, at times, jarring picture of the scary places that this denial can often take us. It is a must-see for anyone who has struggled with substance abuse or has seen their loved ones succumb to drug and alcohol addiction.

For nearly 30 years, both through his work in the music community and with Recovery Unplugged, Richie has been hearing the phrase “I got this” and other denial-laden tropes from addicts to rationalize their ongoing substance abuse. The longer this denial is allowed to continue, the deeper abusers fall into addiction and despair. Richie’s video perfectly encapsulates the impact of denial and the importance of proactive involvement and treatment. If you or someone you care about has been locked in a cycle of substance abuse, you simply can’t afford to live in denial any longer. Addiction does not have to govern the course of your life.

Recovery Unplugged and Face the Music Foundation are exceedingly proud of this piece and encourage all to view and share it as much as possible, particularly those who have encountered addiction in their own lives. Living in denial is not actually living at all. We would also like to thank all of our creative partners and collaborators who were so instrumental in shepherding this project to completion. Your talents and efforts are greatly appreciated. “I Got This” will be available for the world to see today.

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