TIM – Behind the Music

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Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center TIM - Behind the Music

We aim to turn the spotlight to some of the amazing people we have coming through the Recovery Unplugged Treatment Center. Tim is one of those people. A truly remarkable human who graced us with their presence.

Drug abuse and addiction led Tim to some very dark places in his life; jail, hospitalizations, treatment, and all part of the ill-fated truth many addicts are all too acquainted with.

After numerous attempts at treatment and recovery Tim found Recovery Unplugged, a drug and alcohol rehab facility located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. At Recovery Unplugged Tim was encouraged to get back in touch with his passion: music. Through the cutting edge therapeutic process being forged at Recovery Unplugged, Tim has been able to approach his addiction with a new set of tools he hadn’t found at any other drug rehab.  He would like to see this message bring hope to others who may be suffering like he was.

While at Recovery Unplugged, Tim was given the opportunity to showcase his immense talents to staff and peers alike, and the general consensus we were left with was “WOW!” Tim is now grateful for another chance and sees a tremendous amount of hope for the future.

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