Things to do during quarantine

Things You Can Do During the Coronavirus Quarantine

With the surge in the Coronavirus outbreak these past few weeks, it’s been a roller coaster ride for people across the country. Many people are being encouraged to work from home, and most public events, including major sporting events, have been canceled for the sake of public health. This has left many people wondering, what are things you can do during the Coronavirus quarantine?

With the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommending everything from face masks to not gathering in public, home seems like the safest option. Preventing the spread of Coronavirus doesn’t have to be boring, however. Check out these recommendations for things to do during your quarantine.

1. Binge Watch Your Favorite Shows

We all have at least one show that we love to watch, but never have time to commit to all of the season. Well, since you have no choice but to stay home to prevent the spread of infectious disease, now’s your chance!

Been waiting for the right time to re-watch all nine seasons of The Office? Have you been looking for an excuse to watch anime? Maybe you haven’t had time to start on a show you’ve been excited about for months. 

Even though the circumstances might not be perfect, here’s your chance to sit down with your favorite snack and binge the day away. 

2. Read the Book Gathering Dust on Your Shelf

Let’s be real with one another– everyone has a book that they’ve been telling themselves they’re going to read. Whether it’s self-help, fiction, or even the Bible, there’s a book we’ve been making excuses about for a while. 

It can be easy to get lost in the right book, and now might be the best time to do so. With the end nowhere in sight, finding the right read might be your best bet in the long run. 

3. Clean Your House and Throw a Concert for Your Dog

Or your cat, or your pet turtle if you have one. Even if you don’t like cleaning, putting on your favorite music and scrubbing away can be a holy experience. 

Imagine: your favorite song is on the speaker, and your dog (or cat, or rat) is watching you sing and dance from the couch. Your home smells like fresh lavender. You’ve almost forgotten that the coronavirus is out there wreaking havoc. 

Doesn’t it sound wonderful? 

4. Watch Those Movies You Haven’t Had Time For 

It might not be basketball, but the Oscars this year were some of the most exciting we’ve seen in years. I know that I for one still haven’t had the time to watch Parasite and other films that won awards. 

Well, now’s our chance! After you’ve cleaned your home, you can sit down with your dog and watch your favorite film. 

Not into 1917? Check out a documentary, sci-fi film, or a rom-com that might lighten the mood and make quarantine a little easier.

5. Pick Up the Instrument Sitting in the Corner of Your Room

How many of us have a guitar sitting in our room for decoration? I’m guilty of this too.

Maybe you’ve made excuses in the past for not learning how to play. It’s easy to learn a couple of chords, pluck at some strings, and then call it a day. 

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to play music, now’s the time to do it. With so much free time at home alone, what better way to alleviate loneliness than music? 

6. Spend Time Catching Up with Those You Love and Your Sober Support

Just because you might be home alone doesn’t mean you have to feel alone. It’s easy to forget that we have the world at our fingertips.

If you’re feeling sad, frustrated, anxious, or lonely, it’s easier to find excuses to relapse. Calling those you love and sober support that understands your situation can make a potentially scary experience that much easier. 

Calling your loved ones can also help ease their minds and help with their mental health too. Considering that most of us are in similar situations with quarantine, a call might help someone more than you’d anticipate. 

7. Work on Some Self-Care

For many people, self-care expresses itself in different ways. If you’re feeling anxious because of all of the information going around, you might want to meditate. If you haven’t slept enough, sleeping can be self-care too. 

Whether it’s pampering yourself, working steps, or prioritizing your health, self-care might be best during the Coronavirus quarantine. The most important thing to keep in mind is that with no end in sight, taking steps to keep yourself happy and healthy are significant. 

How are you planning on keeping yourself entertained during the Coronavirus quarantine? What tips would you share with those you love?