Things to be thankful for in recovery.

Things to Be Grateful for in Recovery…Yes Being Thankful in 2020 Really is Possible

There are many things to be grateful for in recovery, even when we have a hard time finding reasons to give thanks in general. If we look around us as we approach the home stretch of 2020, it can be hard for us to find an immediate reason to be thankful. With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging, entrenched cultural and political divides and a holiday season that would make the most private hermit lonely, we have to look a little harder for reasons to give thanks this year. For those who are in recovery, however, gratitude and thankfulness take on a whole new meaning.

This year, rather than focus on the doom-and-gloom of 2020, or discuss the irony of the very idea of a “2020 Thanksgiving”, Recovery Unplugged wants to assure everyone who is struggling with alcohol or addiction that there are reasons to be thankful in recovery that transcend one bad year, political turmoil and, yes,  even a global pandemic.

Some of the main things to be thankful for in recovery include:

Your Health

When you stop drinking and using, you regain control of your brain chemistry, your central nervous system function and your general wellness. You lose weight, your skin clears up, your mind gets sharper and you stop feeling sick and achy all the time. With proper help, the long-term medical issues associated with addiction will likely subside, as well.

Your Happiness

It’s ironic that people often drink to health and happiness because that’s exactly what they get when they stop drinking to excess. The reality is that cutting alcohol and drug use has a variety of mental health benefits, such as increased energy, improved focus and even better memory. It can also improve sleep, which makes everyone happy!

Your Family

Addiction and substance abuse put us at odds with the people we love most. When you enter treatment and long-term recovery, you put an end to the dysfunction, chaos, lying and manipulation that can destroy your family dynamic. Recovery can help give you your family back so you can celebrate with them next year. Recovery Unplugged offers a family program to help you get a jumpstart on repairing your relationship with your loved ones.

Your Career

One of the first casualties of your alcohol and drug addiction is often your career. In recovery, you can take control over your professional financial future and get back to being the vibrant, committed and capable employee you were before substance abuse took hold. The Recovery Unplugged employee-assistance program offers a pathway for businesses to help employees struggling with alcohol and drug abuse get the help they need. Take back your career now.

What Will You Be Grateful for in Recovery?

Perhaps the biggest thing to be grateful for in recovery is that it gives you back your sense of self. It puts control back into your hands, gives you perspective to help yourself and others. It gives you a frame of mind in which there’s nothing you can’t accomplish. Recovery Unplugged wishes you and your loved ones, wherever they may be this year, a Happy Thanksgiving. If you need help with addiction, call us today to start experiencing the many things to be grateful for in recovery.

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