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The Signs of Alcohol Addiction

Due to the nature of our society and the prominence of ‘social drinking,’ many times, alcoholism goes undetected. But, in all actuality, alcoholism is a dangerous condition that can be deadly if untreated. It is hard to decide whether to approach someone about alcoholism because, oftentimes, the line between a good time and an addiction is blurred. If you suspect a family member or loved one is struggling with alcoholism, there are a few warning signs. The old saying of “nobody drinks alone” has some merit in this situation. If you notice that person goes from social drinking to hiding their consumption and being more secretive, it could be a sign. If you go out with that person and they often drink until the black out or cannot remember the happenings of the night before, they could be abusing alcohol. Many times, withdrawal will trigger noticeable symptoms and abnormal behaviors. Once they sober up and are unable to consume more alcohol, their body will begin to crave the alcohol.

These cravings will cause reactions such as irritability and jumpy behavior. Compulsivity is another big indicator, as a person will do anything to fill the addiction. They will take drastic measures to get the alcohol they need. A typically financially responsible person may start to make big purchases or be struggling for money. Maybe they start skipping work or missing appointments. There are some physical symptoms as well. Red eyes and yellowish skin can be indicators of alcohol abuse. Sometimes, the person will experience drastic weight change or develop odd eating habits. While this is not an all-inclusive list, it can help to decide whether to approach someone about a potential alcohol addiction.