Importance of Drug Treatment in Austin

The Importance of Perseverance in Recovery

Recovery Unplugged Texas was recently impacted by a tornado that left us temporarily unable to fully provide the unmatched level of care our patients deserve, and have come to expect. While none of us can control the weather, and we were able to rebuild after only half a day, we were dismayed to be hindered in our mission even for that short amount of time. As conditions quickly improved, and we were able to once again provide comprehensive, evidence-based, music-focused treatment to our client community, the experience reminded Recovery Unplugged about the importance of perspective and perseverance in addiction recovery, and that adversity, in any form, is only temporary.

When a person or family is affected by addiction, it’s often as though a metaphorical storm has blown through their individual and collective lives. The time it takes to rebuild a life that has been affected by the fallout of substance abuse may far exceed that of any superficial structure or building; but it can and must be done. Much like putting a house, a building or even a town back together; however, it takes help from the people around us and it takes perseverance on our own part. It’s easy to just let a structure burn or crumble without doing what it takes to save it. In the end, however, we will only find ourselves without a home or sense of place.

Even when addiction seems to have blown our lives or our loved ones’ lives apart, we can rebuild with a solid and reliable foundation of self-awareness, perspective and perseverance. We can weather any storm in our lives if we believe that our lives are worth saving and preserving. Recovery Unplugged wants to remind all past, present and future patients of their innate strength and character, and that they can rebuild their lives after addiction, just as we were able to do so after the recent tornado. Thank you so much for your continued, and entirely reciprocated, faith in our mission, and for letting us help you or your loved one overcome addiction. It has been, and will continue to be, our pleasure and calling to provide care to those that need it, no matter what obstacles life may throw at us. We are stronger than the adversity in our lives, no matter how overwhelming it may seem to us now.