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Tennessee Meth Addiction and Recovery Captured in Viral Photo

As overused as the phrase may be, there’s no denying that a picture really is worth a thousand words. This can be especially true for those in recovery whose lives have drastically changed from the circumstances of active addiction. Photographs often impact us so heavily because they are the only artistic mediums that capture a single moment as it will never be experienced again, exponentially magnifying the emotions and the reality behind a picture. A recent viral photo of a couple in recovery from meth addiction in Tennessee perfectly captures the before-and-after powers of recovery.

 What Tennessee Meth Addiction and Recovery Looks Like

 Brent and Ashley Walker of Tennessee recently posted a pair of “before and after” pictures on Brent’s Facebook page of them during the height of meth addiction and how they look now, a little over three years into recovery. Brent had initially shared the post to encourage friends and family members in and out of recovery from meth addiction in Tennessee to hold onto hope for change and a brighter future where “anything is possible,” not expecting the photos to go viral and be shared over 200,000 times over the course of a week. The post received almost 20,000 comments, many of which were from others with similar stories of addiction and recovery. All in all, the pictures seemed to achieve the Walkers’ goal– to “encourage an addict somewhere.”

Keeping Recovery In Focus

This story serves as only one example of how photography can have an intense impact on a number of people, acting as a mirror or beacon of hope for those searching for help. That’s why here at Recovery Unplugged, we recently launched a new photography series, In Focus: Portraits of Empowerment in Recovery. For many people in any stage of recovery, it can be jarring to look back at photos of themselves during their active addiction and compare them with how they view themselves today. A visual representation of the power of recovery, our In Focus series examines how those in recovery see themselves before and after getting clean and working towards a life in recovery.

By featuring individuals from all walks of life, the goal is to share the reality of how every person, especially those is recovery, are capable of change and growth. Our hope is that we start to bring issues like empowerment, body image, and self-confidence in recovery back in focus and in the conversation.


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