telehealth therapy for addiction in Northern Virginia

Telehealth Therapy for Addiction in Northern Virginia

Is Telehealth Therapy for Addiction Available in Northern Virginia?

There always seem to be ‘good’ reasons for not enrolling in substance abuse treatment “right now.” Maybe the time commitment for inpatient rehab is too much. Perhaps driving to a Northern Virginia treatment facility for intensive outpatient or partial hospitalization treatment throughout the week is too hard, given other responsibilities. At Recovery Unplugged, we understand that there are barriers to treatment, but we’re committed to knocking them down. That’s why we’ve developed a telehealth intensive outpatient treatment program that extends professional addiction treatment via our virtual platform.

Online therapy with trained therapists can help you manage your substance use disorder effectively. We can also provide dual diagnosis treatment for co-occurring mental health disorders like bipolar disorder, personality disorder, or depression. The fact is, not everyone is comfortable attending treatment programs in person. With our virtual intensive outpatient IOP program, you don’t have to travel to get the needed help. You can access therapies like cognitive behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and other clinically driven addiction treatments from the comfort of your home.

Recovery Unplugged offers online therapy for alcohol and drug addiction in Northern Virginia. Just like our in-person rehab programs, our virtual IOP connects clients to the healing power of music while delivering many other treatment modalities online. We offer many types of treatment that target the various aspects of substance use disorders. Residential treatment and in-person outpatient programs aren’t ideal for everyone, but anyone struggling with alcohol or drug addiction can benefit from formal rehab treatment conveniently offered online.

To discover how our virtual addiction recovery programs can help you overcome substance abuse, please contact Recovery Unplugged at 855-206-1124 today.

How Does Virtual Addiction Therapy Work?

Online treatment is similar to an intensive outpatient treatment program; only the treatment approaches are provided online. After a person has been through withdrawal and detox, they’re ready to begin their online rehab treatment. Virtual therapy includes individual counseling as well as group therapy sessions. Like our outpatient rehab programs, our online treatment includes motivational interviewing, cognitive behavioral therapy CBT, rational emotive behavioral therapy, relapse prevention, 12-step facilitation (after Alcoholics Anonymous), and co-occurring disorders treatment (if needed).

Clients will work with therapists during online treatment sessions to identify what triggers their alcohol or drug abuse behaviors. Then, they can develop strategies for managing those triggers. Relapse prevention depends on successfully managing the compulsion to use drugs and alcohol. At Recovery Unplugged, we help clients understand how their thoughts and emotions impact their behaviors; the transformation they need to end their dependence on alcohol and drugs comes with understanding.

Will Insurance Cover Telehealth Therapy for Addiction in Northern Virginia?

Insurance providers like Blue Cross Blue Shield provide coverage for substance abuse treatment as well as medication-assisted treatment and treatment for dual diagnosis and mental health disorders. The extent to which your private insurance provider will cover an intensive outpatient program, family counseling, medication-assisted treatment MAT, and various treatment approaches depends on the provider and your individual plan. Even so, you can expect coverage for your online treatment. Our insurance specialists can help you determine the extent of your coverage.

How Virtual Addiction Therapy at Recovery Unplugged Can Help

If inpatient rehab or a partial hospitalization PHP program at our luxury rehab isn’t ideal for you, virtual addiction treatment might be the help you’ve been waiting for. Addiction medicine has evolved to offer many new treatment approaches. Telehealth addiction treatment is highly effective for clients who are stable enough to reside at home but still require the professional support our world-class treatment facility can provide. Contact us at 855-206-1124 to learn more about our addiction treatment plans, including our online therapy. By connecting with our experienced addiction treatment providers for weekly therapy sessions, you can successfully manage your drug or alcohol addiction.