Talksicology Episode 54

Progress, Not Perfection

Episode Synopsis

Episode 54 of Talksicology, an addiction recovery podcast that is most definitely on the internet, starts off with a bombshell as Joseph learns the shocking truth about what really happened to co-host Jason’s record collection.

Joseph is excited to announce that this episode’s guest is long-time friend, Nicky DuBois. Nicky is an advocate, therapist, and eating disorder specialist who works with both adults and adolescents. Nicky talks about her time in recovery, not only for substance use, but for an eating disorder as well.

Nicky says the overlap between the two issues is significant, “more than 50% of people who struggle with an eating disorder struggle with substance use disorder." There are unique challenges to recovering from both simultaneously - it’s not easy to lose all of your coping mechanisms at the same time.

Now Nicky uses her personal experience to help her clients navigate recovery with knowledge that she says was simply not available during her time in treatment.

Nicky answers some real questions on disordered eating with Jason and Joseph, but there is so much more to learn!

Like, How is treatment for eating disorders different from treatment for substance use? Is the recovery community moving away from a black and white model of sobriety?

Why DO we still use the BMI scale?

If you have questions for Nicky about eating disorders, and recovering from eating disorders, write in to Talksicology so she can come back for another episode to answer them on air.

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