Talksicology Episode 40


Episode Synopsis

On this episode of Talksicology, Jason and Joseph talk to Carlos Truan from Austin, Texas. The episode provides encouragement and motivation to those who are still suffering from drug addiction.

Carlos grew up in a middle-class neighborhood in Brownsville, Texas. As a teenager, Carlos stopped going to school and began hanging out with adults in the neighborhood. He started drinking and smoking weed and secretly using heroin at age 15. Soon after, his recreational cocaine use with friends escalated to smoking crack cocaine. His father’s passing motivates him to do something with his life. He gets his GED and moves to South Padre Island. There, he starts work at a t-shirt shop and begins selling drugs.

Another move takes him to Austin, Texas where he becomes active in a large-scale illegal drug operation. As his income increased, so did his drug use. Carlos said he had more money than he knew what to do with.When he reaches a breaking point, he calls his mother and starts a detoxification process. After two more detoxes, and jail time in 2002, he achieves his longest amount of sober time yet. But an accident leads Carlos to relapse again.

Carlos spent fifteen years attempting sobriety. Throughout that time, he was in and out of jail cells and ended up homeless. After another encounter with the police, he commits to his recovery. This time was different. Carlos worked the 12 steps, became involved, and enjoyed recovery.

Carlos talks about how full his life is today and the episode ends with his advice to someone who is still struggling. Carlos celebrated ten years of sobriety on July 17, 2022.

Carlos’ story shows that even through many failed attempts, sobriety can happen. Don’t give up.

To see Carlos’ work, head to his tattoo shop’s site:

Check out his tattoo pigment company:

And find Carlos on Instagram:

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