Talksicology Episode 50

Hi, Mrs. Parker

Episode Synopsis

In this episode, Jason and Joseph talk with American actress, singer, and model Kathleen Bradley from Los Angeles, California. Kathleen is best known for her role as Mrs. Parker in the 1995 movie Friday. She was also the first Black model on Price is Right.

After high school, Kathleen moved to LA to make it in show business. She entered beauty pageants and, in 1971, won the title of Miss Black California. In 1971 she became the lead singer for the singing group The Love Machine.

Throughout the episode, Kathleen talks about using drugs and drinking too much during her time in the entertainment business.

In 1990 she became one of “Barker’s Beauties” on The Price is Right. Kathleen discusses the hiring process and how her stage presence won over the producers. She spent ten years working on the show.

Kathleen’s brother died unexpectedly in 1999 at the age of 49. She says that was her lowest point when she started drinking heavily.

Kathleen says, for the most part, she’s always had a good sense of balance in her life. She doesn’t regret that time and considers it a necessary part of her mourning. Her family was very supportive as she dealt with her brother’s death.

Although she says she was a friendly and happy drinker, she talks about experiencing blackouts. After some time, she took control of her drinking. And the older she got, the less she drank.

Today Kathleen still drinks on occasion. She can drink in moderation and stays away from hard liquor.

In 1995 Kathleen played Mrs. Parker in the movie Friday. She talks about being on set with the cast and says she still gets recognized for that role today.

To close out the episode, Kathleen advises her younger self and guides the younger generation.

You can find Kathleen’s book, Backstage at The Price is Right, on Amazon and follow her on Instagram.

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