Talksicology Episode 47

Getting Honest

Episode Synopsis

On this episode of Talksicology, Jason and Joseph welcome Larry Mosley from Kerrville, TX. His story will inspire you to keep your ego in check and remain hopeful in recovery. Healing is always possible.

Larry grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas. From a young age, he recalls feeling different from the kids at school.

In second grade, he started acting out and quickly earned the title of “Mr. Mosley” by staff and peers. This is the first of many ego boosts Larry recalls as being a driving theme for his addiction.

By 16 Larry was skipping school, drinking regularly, and fighting. He gets another ego boost as he realizes he’s a skilled fighter.

Throughout his adolescence, Larry recalls consequences from his mom and grandmother, who was a leading adolescent drug abuse counselor in the state.

He starts using cocaine and methamphetamines, and endures various traumatic events including several suicide attempts.

While high, Larry checks into rehab. Although he didn’t want to be there, his family forced him to stay.

He became involved in the recovery community while at a sober living facility. During this time Larry was still getting high every few months. He again lays blame on his ego.

While high, he commits his first crime and is sentenced to twelve years in prison.

The judge grants him a deferred sentence with zero-tolerance probation.

A violation sends him back to prison and an accident in 2020 leads to a divine intervention as he goes back to treatment.

Today, Larry’s life is full. He’s involved with service work for his recovery program, is a sponsor for others in recovery, and is building a community. Larry is actively working to rebuild his family relationships.

To close out the episode, Larry shares his secret to inner peace and gives some advice to those who are still struggling.

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