Talksicology Episode 46

A Way Out

Episode Synopsis

On this episode of Talksicology, Jason and Joseph welcome Jason Adams from Rockport, Texas. This episode is filled with raw, real-life experiences that prove recovery is possible, even when you feel hopeless.

Jason A. discusses growing up in an abusive home, where he says his addiction manifested long before he found drugs. At times, Jason’s father’s violent and controlling behavior made him scared for his life.

At age seven, Jason began martial arts and it quickly became his way to escape. After an injury took him out of the sport, he joined a group he felt he fit into, and he began smoking marijuana regularly.

By age 15, he had his first child and dropped out of school. He started doing cocaine, stealing, and lying to avoid consequences.

At age 18 Jason is charged with burglary and theft. He spends the next 14 years in and out of jail.

While doing a five-year prison sentence, he continues to look for acceptance from others. Driven by fear and the need to survive, he joined a gang.

With three years left to his sentence, Jason decided to leave the gang life. This decision brought dangerous consequences which ultimately land him in the hospital.

After leaving prison in 2018, he relapses and does a short stint in sober living. Jason admits to not working a recovery program and another relapse ends with a dangerous police chase, stroke, and more jail time.

At this “turning point,” Jason realizes his life is worth saving and voluntarily checks himself into addiction treatment for the last time. There, he finds a group of people who accept him for who he is, something he’s been searching for his entire life.

This time, Jason dives into recovery. He gets a sponsor and devotes himself to a twelve-step fellowship.

Today, Jason manages a sober living house. He also does martial arts and yoga to assist with his healing. He credits his sobriety to the high accountability he gets through those in recovery around him.

He ends the episode with encouragement for those struggling with active addiction. His clean date is 1/17/22.

Jason’s story shows how important faith, hope, and community are in recovery. Although our recovery is individual, it’s a universal problem, and there are people who are waiting to help you with yours.

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