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Talking to Kids About Drugs and Alcohol

It is hard to avoid the prevalence of drug and alcohol addiction in our society. If you are not talking to kids about drugs and alcohol, who will? While this topic is not the easiest to approach with your kids, it is important for you to educate them about the harmful effects of addiction to lay a good groundwork for a drug and alcohol-free future. One method of conversation is to give them the straight facts. Educate them about the effects of drugs and alcohol by sharing facts about those affected and show them photos of the physical harm it can cause. Role-playing is another way to assess the topic. Create potential scenarios with friends and peer pressure and see how they respond. Help them to create phrases and go-to words to use when they get nervous or are placed in high-stress situations.

More than anything, if your kids feel comfortable talking in your home, you have a better chance of them being honest about the pressures they face. The more you encourage good decisions and praise them for their victories, you will harbor a positive environment. This is especially prevalent with your kid’s friends. You should always know who your kids are hanging out with and if they make good decisions or not. It is accepted that the group of friends that your child chooses will shape the decisions they make and, eventually, the path they will go down. Get your kids involved in activities and team sports to encourage positive role models and the development of important core values.

How do you talk to your kids about drugs and alcohol?