Taking It with You: Embracing Music in Everyday Recovery

Embracing Music in Everyday Recovery

At Recovery Unplugged, we commonly hear concerns from prospective patients about their lack of musical experience prior to treatment. They’re concerned that they have to have an overtly musical background as a prerequisite to taking advantage of our program. The truth is that everybody can benefit from music therapy, regardless of whether or not they’ve ever picked up an instrument, written a lyric or even attended a concert. If they have a favorite song, or simply a song of which they’re particularly fond, they can experience the healing power of this modality. Invariably, they wind up understanding the universal nature of music-based therapy, and many even wind up integrating music into their everyday recovery well after they leave our program.

Whether it’s continuing to take lessons on a specific instrument, writing, recording and performing our own music and lyrics, or just being more mindful of how our favorite songs make us feel, patients’ appreciation for and connection to music doesn’t have to end once they complete their treatment. Recovery Unplugged strives to open this world up to everyone, and we encourage our patients to live with music whenever they can. It’s a healing resource that transcends traditional talk therapy and verbal expression; and that’s something from which each and every one of us could benefit, regardless of whether or not we’re in recovery.

People have been utilizing music to heal for thousands of years, and there’s an incredibly viable reason for that: it works. None of us should get caught up in whether or not we “belong” in a music therapy program, because each and every one of us has a place within this healing paradigm. We would like to remind all everyone, including past, present and future patients to live with music in their lives whenever possible, as actively or passively as they wish. Keep singing, playing and writing.